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In Memory - Classmates

Kathleen Depro

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10/31/13 05:10 PM #1    

Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Kathy Depro was a wonderful friend of mine and she was very arty, as she could paint beautiful nature scenes and write gorgeous poetry to accentuate those scenes.  She made the world around her an enchanted garden and I was lucky to spend time with her and hear her great laugh. Once she made the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and I ate a ton of them....it was a big loss to lose such a great soul... Love you Kathy, and miss you...Joanie

01/29/14 08:40 PM #2    

Roger Dunn

Kathy was such a beautiful person, in soul and in appearance. My memories of the Kennedy assassination include leaving classes in stunned silence, and suddenly Kathy burst into tears. Her reaction is what brought home to me the horror of the event.


Other high school friends reunited us in the years before her death. Nothing had changed with her in the intervening decades. She looked so much the same, expressed the same high values, and remained inspired by art and poetry. She joined several of us for lunch or dinner in her last years. The group included Joanie Bender, Michelle Hochman and Peter Koffsky. In the last get-together that included Kathy, she wept as we departed. We did not know that she knew it would be our last time with her. 


01/30/14 01:16 PM #3    

Jane Cosson (Souzon)

I lost track of Kathy after elementary school--just found her 6th grade picture tho--i knew she had died but not how...?

01/30/14 03:59 PM #4    

Elena Jurgela

You described Kathy perfecty, Joanie and Roger.  I never knew a person with a more beautiful heart and soul than Kathy.  We had been really good friends since meeting in the 5th grade, and she always had a spiritual side that comforted everyone, and saw all the beauty of nature and of life.  I remember when President Kennedy was shot, I had to spend the night at her house, since my mom was away and my dad had to work all night at the Voice of America.  We cried, and talked about how much we admired Jackie, and tried to comfort each other.  I am grateful for the get-togethers we had with Joanie and Michelle Schuster, and sometimes also with Roger and Peter Koffsky.  We laughed so much, and always had a wonderful time.  I thank the Lord for bringing Kathy into my life.

01/30/14 09:43 PM #5    

Michelle Hochman (Schuster)

I can only echo the beautiful, caring tributes for our good friend, Kathy Depro. She was such a lovely,caring person who had so much empathy and compassion for all of us. Kathy had a kind of innocence about her, and always wanted to see the best in everyone and everything. I will always remember such fun times with her in high school, especially with our friends, Joan Bender Grosfeld and Elena Jurgela, with many fun sleepovers, sometimes singing songs from West Side Story in hopes of auditioning (I think we all chickend out in the end) with lots of laughs, and chocolate chip cookies!

  After B-CC, Kathy went to college in Oregon, where her family was orignally from. She later moved back to this area, and at some point was in a band with her beloved younger sister, Lizzie and a couple of other people. I remember going to them perform at a club (I think it was Mr. Henry's) in the 1970's.

   In later years it was a joy that we all found each other again and had many wonderful reunions with Kathy, Joan Bender Grosfeld, Elena Jurgela, Roger Dunn and Peter Koffsky. At that time Kathy was living on a farm in Damascus where she enjoyed the peaceful, idyllic life that she loved.  She ran journal writing seminars there, bringing comfort and peace, and fostering creativity to many. She also painted beautiful watercolors and wrote lovely poetry from the heart. She always brought such lovely, colorful bouquets from her garden if we met during spring or summer.

  When I think of Kathy, I can see her radiant smile, hear her contagious laugh and feel her loving hugs. Especially her hug, because Kathy was tall, and always bent down to give hugs to those of us short people!  She touched those around her with a heart that you could feel was full of love.

P.S.  Much too soon, Kathy passed away on August 2, 2003. As Roger said, we had no idea that she was already ill the last time we saw her. We were shocked to learn of her death, just as we were planning another mini-reunion for that week. Instead we all got together to celebrate the life of our beautiful friend.

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