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05/07/21 12:20 PM #14856    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Thanks Jay, that's a good article by Cheney. I read it in the post. I didn't care for her comments about Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they overall have not been a problem. The BLM demonstrators have been by and large peaceful and are so important for protesting the racial injustice going on with so many blacks being killed by police for things like air fresheners on cars or a 20 dollar possible counterfeit bill etc. This is not about the many police who are following good standards. Anyway, in spite of my taking issue with what she said. I do applaud her for calling out the "big lie" that Trump won and standing up to the disgraceful republican party that wants to follow an autocrat and continue this assault on our democracy. Love, joanie

05/07/21 01:56 PM #14857    


Glen Hirose

      Velvet Dream Regular



     Kasuaari kirjastossa Regular




Ferns deserved a post of their own.  They are very diverse!  Generally there are 3 preferred edible types of ferns up in NorCal:

  1. The Lady Fern is the most prized.
  2. The Western Sword Fern and Fiddle Head 
  3. The controversial Bracken Fern or Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens, on the side of the road in Carmel.
  4. /https://msxxfast.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/foraging-in-northern-california-part-3-ferns/

05/07/21 02:32 PM #14858    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

I have NO more idea about which ferns are edible than I do about which mushrooms are edible. I've only eaten them in restaurants, but I believe fiddleheads are available frozen. In any case, they are delicious. 

You can all stop worrying about sending me money for the forum. It was only $76 so not worth divvying up. Next year somebody else can foot the bill. Just happy to be able to stay in touch with all of you lovely people!

I'll say it again WATCH MY OCTOPUS TEACHER and have kleenex handy. I've always loved octopus grilled on a wood fire,,,...,never again!

05/07/21 02:53 PM #14859    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Joan, thanks my husband and I are going to watch it soon. Just finishing a mystery show. I love this one called Traces but it's on Brit Box. I'll pay for the forum expense after Jack. I think we have a forum payment line up now. Love joanie , ♥️

05/08/21 08:42 AM #14860    


Jack Mallory

​Final edited version of Little Girl at my Door. 


And on the theme of veterans' stories, I'm in the middle of Sen.Tammy Duckworth's book:

This is a GREAT book! Started it with casual interest in her as a fellow vet, albeit with hugely different experiences from mine. Now captivated by both her story and her persona--if I still drank, I'd sit around, drink beer and bullshit with her for hours! Attitude, language, dark humor, dirty jokes, values derived from service: she reminds me of me, my VVAW buds, the vets I push at the VA--except she'd be pushing wheelchairs herself, prosthetics and all. Very impressive human being, and likeable too. 

05/08/21 11:48 AM #14861    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack, I have always liked Tammy Duckworth. She is so impressive. Thanks for mentioning the book. I want to also read Persist by Elizabeth Warren. I like her ideas and determination. Love, joanie

05/08/21 11:58 AM #14862    


Glen Hirose

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James Almacen Regular

James Almacen Regular

James Almacen Regular

James Almacen Regular


   Pretty much leaves me with this; a little guilt is not so bad. 




05/08/21 01:12 PM #14863    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Okay, I hate to bring this up here but I just finished John Boehner's book. It's a great read. I never liked the guy but have a newfound respect for him......though he should really quit smoking. He has different views about the government than I do but he seems to be a decent guy who tried to do what he thought was best. It also just happens to be very funny and full of great gossip. It's written very much by him in his own voice with no ghostwriters in sight. I recommend it for any of you politics junkies like me. 

05/08/21 03:16 PM #14864    


Jack Mallory

Just in time for Mother's Day!



05/09/21 08:59 AM #14865    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Good morning! 

The story below, which I believe 'forum worthy', came to me yesterday from one of our beloved classmates: 



05/09/21 09:03 AM #14866    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

05/09/21 10:09 AM #14867    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Welcome back Nori! We've missed your uncorroborated stories but now you've gifted us with a new one. It didn't happen at Maryland U, it was Washington Community High School in Washington, Illinois. The partly fabricated story was from 2001 but fabrications and fictionalizations are timeless!



05/09/21 12:17 PM #14868    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Thanks Joan for the Boehner book recommendation. I already know the best part of it for me is the audiobook side excerpt, "Go fuck yourself Ted Cruz." Love joanie

Glen, I am trying to eat healthier too for better overall health and cholesterol numbers. I'm not sure others would want kefir and chia seeds and lots of greens, but I like those things. I still eat chicken and fish and some red meat In general food is amazing. I wish we could all eat everything we like and it would be good for us. Well you need a balance I guess. Bon appetit. Love joanie ♥️🥰

05/09/21 04:01 PM #14869    


Jack Mallory

Thanks for the confirmation, Joan. Must admit I just assumed  it was at least partially bogus, given the lack of sourcing. Some things never change.


05/09/21 06:04 PM #14870    


Glen Hirose

Griffy Regular

It was sent to me by a former Maryland student that finds great humor in my "Sneezing Episodes" the longest of which would have been 5th overall in the "Guinness Book" however it was never officially documented and therefore I'm ineligible for the Sneeze Hall of Fame. Hay fever is something I've dealt with for at least 60 years. Kimberly Clark has grown wealthy from my trade.


   Sunshiney Regular


05/09/21 06:15 PM #14871    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Hahaha!! Thanks, Glen. T'was certainly the lovely student intent that gave the story heart & I, for one, could care less which school takes credit for it. Fergoshsakes, never stop sharing, my friend! 
As for gotcha moments, 'tis true that some things never change! 
Obviously below (which came from yet another classmate) is true to it's very core: 


05/09/21 07:41 PM #14872    


Jack Mallory

Another visit to one of our favorites, Sculptured Rocks Natural Area:

05/09/21 07:49 PM #14873    


Glen Hirose

        Mountains of Christmas Regular

        Just For Fun Regular

05/10/21 11:25 AM #14874    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Nori, thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes. I hope all the mothers had a good day and some who are not mothers, hope you had some special thoughts about your own mother. I have two daughters, but regarding my daughter's and my own mother, I lucked out and had a incredible mother. Love to all. Joanie ❤️

Love the rock photos Jack.

05/10/21 01:26 PM #14875    


Jack Mallory

Rather than crib some fabricated story like Nora's, I thought I'd offer something more serious on a similar topic.


Washington DC, April 26, 2021) – Today, Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) introduced a resolution to recognize May 7th, 2021 as a “National Day of Reason.” The resolution is co-sponsored by fellow Congressional Freethought Caucus members Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA), Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA), Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI), and Representative Jerry McNerney (D-CA).

The National Day of Reason celebrates science, logic, and reason as guiding principles of our secular democracy, and promotes awareness of the constitutional separation of religion and government. Humanist communities around the country will celebrate the National Day of Reason as part of a nationwide Secular Week of Action , an opportunity to make positive change in our communities through volunteerism. This year, as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis and the resulting economic downturn, the Secular Week of Action will focus on addressing food insecurity and homelessness.

“With ongoing efforts across the nation to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, and as doubt and disbelief in the safety and efficacy of vaccinations continue to spread, it’s vital to stress the importance of science and reason,” AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt commented. “That’s why this resolution by Rep. Raskin, which seeks to put reason back at the forefront of our democracy, is so meaningful.”

The resolution asserts that “irrationality, magical and conspiratorial thinking, and disbelief in science have undermined the national effort to combat the COVID–19 pandemic, contributing to the deaths of more than 555,000 people in the United States” and “encourages all citizens, residents, and visitors to join in observing this day and focusing on the central importance of reason, critical thought, the scientific method, and free inquiry to resolving social problems and promoting the welfare of humankind.”

Those interested in demonstrating their support for a National Day of Reason are encouraged to visit the National Day of Reason website, where individuals can view planned events, read media coverage from previous years, and organizations can sign-up as endorsers.

Speckhardt concluded: “We continue to fight for the freedoms and civil rights of all Americans, and look toward a more inclusive future, where reason is recognized as a vital tool in our quest to confront humanity’s most pressing issues.”

Learn more about the National Day of Reason here.

The American Humanist Association (AHA) works to protect the rights of humanists, atheists, and other nontheistic Americans. The AHA advances the ethical and life-affirming worldview of humanism, which—without beliefs in gods or other supernatural forces—encourages individuals to live informed and meaningful lives that aspire to the greater good of humanity.



And similarly. A true story, no phony sneezing  


Humanists Halt Indoctrination of Kindergarteners in Texas Public School

For Immediate Release


Kate Uesugi, kuesugi@americanhumanist.org808-228-6471

(Washington, D.C., March 3, 2021) — In response to the American Humanist Association (AHA)’s legal director threatening Texas school officials with legal action over indoctrination in kindergarten classrooms, Round Rock Independent School District counsel provided AHA’s lawyer today with written assurances that the unconstitutional conduct will not continue.

AHA’s Legal Director and Senior Counsel, Monica Miller, sent a warning letter to school officials on February 23, 2021. In the letter, Miller details that a kindergarten teacher at Chandler Oaks Elementary School uses the “moment of silence” practice during instructional time to encourage students to pray and influences students to attend church. The letter demanded a response by March 9.

Today, the school district responded to Miller’s nine-page letter by stating that, “we have directed the teacher to refrain from engaging in any behavior that could be perceived as encouraging prayer and/or church attendance.”

“We applaud the school district for cooperating with our efforts to stop public school teachers from unconstitutionally indoctrinating kindergarteners. Under Supreme Court precedent, these young citizens have the strongest right to freedom of conscience due to their impressionable nature and susceptibility to coercion.” Miller said.

Read the warning letter in full here.


05/10/21 02:34 PM #14876    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Thanks Jack. Jamie Raskin is our Congressman from our district in Maryland. He is wonderful. It's so important about the National Day of Reason. Love Joanie

05/10/21 06:22 PM #14877    


Jack Mallory

By Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—With a new Associated Press poll showing Joe Biden garnering a sixty-three-per-cent general-approval rating, Republicans are accusing the President of “artificially inflating” that number through “blatant displays of competence.”

“Joe Biden is the consummate Washington insider, and he knows how to game these polls,” Senator Rand Paul said. “If you want to get a high approval rating, all you have to do is do a job that people approve of.”

Senator Ted Cruz agreed. “Joe Biden is so desperate to have a high approval rating that he’s been using every day in office to deliver results to the American people,” he charged. “I for one find this behavior beneath contempt.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called Biden’s seventy-one-per-cent approval rating for his handling of the pandemic “a joke,” noting, “If all you care about is people liking the way you handle the pandemic, I guess you’d handle the pandemic all the livelong day. Big whoop.”

The Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said that Biden “should take no comfort” in his high approval numbers. “When people get tired of Biden’s competence—and they will—they’ll vote Republican,” he said.

05/11/21 11:24 AM #14878    


Jack Mallory

Kept thinking there was something wrong with the focus, the goslings were all fuzzy . . . 


05/11/21 11:36 AM #14879    


Glen Hirose

Albertsthal Typewriter Regular  Gabriele Bad AH


Colonial Pipeline CEO warns of fuel shortages following cyberattack

Rushed out to get gas, and in the Rockville area there is only "Premium" available at most stations. I would have to assume this will be all gone shortly as well. If you are in or around DC/Mont Co. you maybe experiencing the same...

05/12/21 05:57 AM #14880    


Jack Mallory

There are a few unsold souls left in the Republican Party:




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