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01/01/22 02:00 PM #15615    


Deborah Pellington (O'Hara)

I don't post much but I LOVE seeing what has become of the few classmates that do( with the one exception🤣) Thank you, Glen, for ever trying to keep the peace!! Bob, I always knew I would like you as a grown up!😉 Happy BBB New Year to all!!!!🥂

01/02/22 03:58 PM #15616    


Robert Hall

Glen--what Debbie said. Debbie--turn it around!

01/03/22 06:26 PM #15617    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Glen I like the Happy New Year you posted...and thanks to everyone for their posts. I hope that 2022 will be a better year then 2021. It seems like it has a chance for that. I got a few things at the Giant yesterday because of the coming snow to our area near DC and the cost of the things I got was $20.22. It seemed like an unusual coincidence. Too bad bells didn't sound and someone didn't run up to me to say, you got the lucky number for grocery costs and you win the..... can't think what I would win...sorry I am a little coo coo in this post. Happy New Year everyone and Love, Joanie

01/03/22 08:01 PM #15618    


Jack Mallory


Maybe only archeologists think this is funny. Cracks me up! (Thanks to the New Yorker)

01/04/22 09:07 AM #15619    


Jack Mallory

Not at all hysterical, and not at all unlikely, prediction for 2024. I will be 78, possibly without the energy to lead, perhaps not even march in, the Geriatrics for Democracy demonstrations. The advantage is that I won’t be around long enough to see the long-term debacle this column predicts.


01/05/22 03:20 PM #15620    


Glen Hirose

Kremlin Duma Bold

 Kremlin Duma Bold

Nikolai Kardashev 1932 - 2019 | SETI Institute  Bitcoin Astronomy: Part II - Unchained Capital

I imagine in 1964 when Nikolia introduced his Scale of Alien Civilazations he felt the great promise of BCC class of 64'

Lets prove him right. Even if we only manage to achieve a .001 level-Type I.  That would mean redirecting the wasted energy we spend bickering.


Antsy Pants

Strawberry Shortcake Backgrounds ·① WallpaperTag




01/05/22 05:04 PM #15621    


Jack Mallory

Another good day to have gotten going early. 


01/06/22 08:56 AM #15622    


Jack Mallory

"The unheralded and mostly unknown Republicans active in local politics who refused to go along with Trump’s lies — and played a key role in preserving American democracy — are the main subject of “The Steal,” . . . "


Again, give credit where credit is due, to those who put personal politics behind dedication to democracy. Will we see more or less of that in the years ahead? 


Speaking of just that--John, are you working to ferret out the voter fraud in your neighborhood?



01/06/22 09:42 AM #15623    


Jack Mallory



For anyone who missed the speech, here is a video and transcript  powerfully written and presented.


01/06/22 08:38 PM #15624    

Clifford Elgin

Nori --

Reference your comment about taking speed reading:  As I recall, all of us who were in 8th grade in Montgomery County (at least at Leland Junior High) were taught speed reading and I have been grateful for that ever since.  It was a great help to me in college and graduate school, at work, and for many, many days of recreational reading.

Turning to a far more serious subject:  you have posted about your faith a numbr of times and your most recent statement  about it was powerful.  I very much respect that and fully believe your statement of faith.  This leads me to something I ask in all seriousness:  How can someone of such strong Christian beliefs support a man who is the antithesis of every Christian tenet (I started college as a theology major) I know?

Thank you,


01/07/22 06:44 PM #15625    


Glen Hirose

Berton Roman Regular

Gluten Free Marmalade Hot Cross Bun Cakes The Best Way To Cool Hot Coffee, According To Science ...

My winter images...

01/07/22 07:09 PM #15626    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Glen, I love the look of your winter images...I start my day with a cup of black coffee and something sweet with it is wonderful. I don't have the sweet stuff that often but its great when I do. Love, Joanie

01/07/22 07:20 PM #15627    


Jack Mallory

Tasca this morning, deciding on a swim. Wisely, I think, she decided no. 


Every so often life reaches out and gives you a pat on the back. This showed up as a message the other day, from an old student who tracked me down through FB. . 


01/07/22 08:21 PM #15628    


Glen Hirose


     I am so addicted to coffee and sweets it amazes me that I've survived this long.

     Topped with large, cinnamon-infused crumbs, this crumb ... Constipation Home Remedies | Best Health Canada

      Must be the caffine...





01/08/22 11:30 AM #15629    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Glen, I have the same addiction. In the morning a cup of black coffee is a wonderful start to the day. Glad you have survived this long with coffee and sweets, (they really go together well) and keep on going Glen.!!!! We are lucky to have you. Love Joanie ❤️

01/08/22 10:09 PM #15630    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

If any of you have some spare money after Christmas spending, Melania is auctioning off one of her hats (autographed) with a starting bid of $250,000. Or if that's too pricey for you, she's also selling a photograph of her wearing the hat. No starting price is indicated. This is in addition to her NFT being sold in bitcoin for a watercolor of her eyes? 

Can you imagine a more classy former first lady? As much a grifter as all the Trumps. But I'm willing to hear from Nori? John? Nori's secret friends? Tell me if you think this is appropriate? Or maybe it's what former first ladies should do to gather a stockpile to make her escape from Trumpworld possible. I'm willing to listen.


01/09/22 05:34 AM #15631    


Jack Mallory

Joan--Does help one understand, if not sympathize with, the excesses of the Jacobins and Bolsheviks, doesn't it? Although these days the demands for the death penalty seem to come from the right rather than the left. 


Dr. Guillotine's inspiration reminds me of Kip's question to Nora. Where's the proud, Biblical support for the deceitful, hateful, adulterous former Executioner in Chief? We get Christianity thrust upon us without asking for it, but when an honest question is asked, crickets. 

01/09/22 12:49 PM #15632    


Jay Shackford

Redskins New Name

The biggest question going into February is:  What’s going to be the new name of The Washington Football Team (formerly the Washington Redskins).

According to news leaks,  the names under consideration are: RedWolves; Armanda; Presidents; Brigade; Defenders; Redhogs and Commanders.  Considering that in choosing any name one needs to think about logos and artwork, none of the seven under consideration seem that spectacular. There are indeed a lot of references to the military. I think we can do better.  So let’s have some fun with this. Thinking about animals, how about:

  • The Washington Cheetahs (world’s fastest land animal reaching speeds of 0 to 60 in four seconds; cougars and falcons, world’s fastest bird, already taken by University of Washington and Atlanta, respectively). 
  • The Washington Thoroughbreds
  • The Washington Stallions

On the political side of things:

  • The Washington Monuments
  • The Washington Filibusters
  • The Washington Hustlers
  • The Washington Escorts
  • The Washington Bodyguards
  • The Washington Do-Nothings
  • The Washington Know-Nothings
  • The Washington Scumbags
  • The Washington Clowns
  • The Washington Freedom Fighters
  • The Washington Truth-Tellers 
  • The Washington Procrastinators

On the medical side:

  • The Washington Pandemics
  • The Washington Vaccinators
  • The Washington Hot-Shots
  • The Washington Boosters
  • The Washington Distancers (with stadium seats realigned six feet apart) 

For die-hard Trump fans, how about:

  • The Washington Insurrectionists
  • The Washington Grifters (in honor of Joan) 
  • The Washington Body Snatchers
  • The Washington MAGAs
  • The Washington Suck-ups
  • The Washington Strongmen
  • The Washington Brandons (Trump’s favorite)
  • The Washington Predators 
  • The Washington January Sixers
  • The Washington Liars
  • The Washington Cheaters
  • The Washington Fat Boys
  • The Washington Tax Dodgers
  • The Washington Draft Dodgers
  • The Washington Immigrant Haters
  • The Washington Toddler Strippers
  • The Washington Separationists
  • The Washington Border Patrols
  • The Washington Kidnappers

Personally, I like the first on the list – The Washington Cheetahs, an animal that demonstrates the best of the NFL – speed, agility, strength, courage and intelligence to withstand the onslaught of the modern world that threatens their very existence on earth.   Cheetahs—as compared to RedHogs -- would also make for some very interesting logos, artwork and uniforms.  

But while we are changing the name, how about changing owners (Dan Snyder must go) and building a state-of-the-art stadium (along the lines of the one in LA) in the heart of the city where RFK now stands and has access to the metro and public transportation.  We need more than a name change; we need a complete do-over; we need a new fan base representing the broad-based population of the DC area – not just catering to the powerful lobbying,  business, corporate and political groups in town.  

Joan, it's good to see you back and posting. How's your recovery going? 


01/09/22 02:33 PM #15633    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Joan. Remember when Melania visited the border where immigrants were treated horribly wearing that jacket that said, I don't give a damn. I think her trying to sell those things pertaining to herself for huge personal bucks sums her up.

Jay. Those are amusing titles for the team. On a separate note I lost interest in watching them anymore no matter whatever their name will be. I know tho they still have lots of fans. I just like the Maryland terps but this is not meant to disparage loyal fans. Love joanie

01/09/22 09:45 PM #15634    


Stephen Hatchett

Jay, fun question.  Any number of satirical names come to mind, and you've named quite a few.  "Cheetahs" might fall into that category with a southern accent -- "Y'all are cheetahs."

But seriously, how about "Convoy".  Our greatest generation, led from DC, did great things to win WW2 that way. It characterizes a team that will push through.  (and a few MAGA hatted truck drivers, or wanna be's , might like it too)

Joan, you must be on the mend, but maybe in that stage where sounding off on something that for good reason pisses you off ventilates some of the steam from pushing through hurt.  I know it works that way for me. If so, great, you are pushing through!



01/10/22 09:41 AM #15635    


Jack Mallory

But Stephen, the former guy transformed the meaning of "convoy" to represent thousands of imaginary drug-crazed, Covid-infested sex traffickers and little children rampaging through Central America to storm our borders so they could vote Democratic. Going to be tough to do a team logo for them. 

01/10/22 11:48 AM #15636    


Stephen Hatchett

Well, Jack, there is that :(

01/10/22 04:44 PM #15637    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

So nice of several of you to inquire about my mobility! I'm S L O W L Y improving. Really tired of all this!

Anyway about a new name for the Redskins. I don't follow any sports but I kinda liked Jay's report that ARMANDA was being considered. Sort of a softening of armada with Amanda. Though as he points out, the all important graphics don't work if you want to sell some t-shirts. I think he's right about Cheetahs being a good choice, but I always thought the name should have something to do with the city they play in even though that's usually not the case. This all works well until the team moves. I'm thinking, Dolphins, Jazz, Brewers, 49ers, Steelers, Cowboys.  Started out making sense. Maybe Jay can explain what Red Sox and White Sox mean? I've always wondered. 

01/10/22 07:01 PM #15638    


Jack Mallory

First nature pic in a week or more. Pileated Woodpecker, or Punkpecker. Cloudy, drab day really makes that hair-do pop!


Tonorrows temps expected to be zero or below, with wind chill.

01/10/22 10:06 PM #15639    

Clifford Elgin

Living on the edge of the woods as we currently do we have a "Woody Woodpecker" who occassionally sits on the deck railing and looks at his own rellection.  Whe my wife pull;ed the shades down he flew over the horse trailer to look at himself in that window.  He's one of three different size woodpeckers we have around our woods.  We have a lot of birds around but my favorite has been the Indigo Buntings although we didn't see them this year.


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