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Donald Megby

Donald Megby






05/31/18 09:05 PM #5944    


from John Freudberg

I was at the VA Hospital in Riviera Beach (West Palm Beach) today. My cousin works on the 8th floor, so I always make it a practice to see her when I go. As always the talk generally  drifts around to family and she told me something that I wanted to pass on our cousin (mine and hers) and our B-CC 1964 school mate, Donny Megby passed away last week. Donny and I would converse from time to time. He kept telling me he was intending to move down here and I was really looking forward to it! My understanding is that he had complications from surgery but of what I do not know. Donny had gone to Vietnam and had been a victim of Agent Orange. He lived in Lexington Park for a while in the 1979’s where he owned a Ford dealership. He was married 4 times and had a “few” kids, as he said, those that he was claiming at least.. his words, not mine! Donny, I’ll miss you cuz!  RIP pal, RIP