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05/21/17 07:38 PM #4292    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

A week in Aruba, enjoying the tropic air, sea & tasty rum concoctions.  After an afternoon of diving (great shipwrecks here!) enjoyed catching up on everybody's posts but am too whipped to take aim at debating points, guys. Thrilled to see that the Saudis seem to honor our President more than you do & maybe now, something good will come of the trip -- like progress in creating alliances to rid the world of that imaginary enemy, ISIS, once & for all. It's at least a good start...



05/21/17 08:15 PM #4293    


Glen Hirose

  Did you get to Iguana Joe's?

        Image result for Iguana Joe's   

05/22/17 02:41 PM #4294    


Jack Mallory

No, Glen, this is what it looks like to be sized up:

Is this the nightmare that seems to have driven Flynn into the arms of the 5th Amendment? “If you’re innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Guess who?


Because life is always a little weirder than you thought:

Dorothy says, "Every once in a while, a witch hunt isn't a bad thing!"


And because life should be fun, a cabal of BCC alum and others have created the TRUXIT (virtual) betting pool. This is an  opportunity to use your knowledge of political history and current events, plus your prescience, to forecast the fate of the Trump Presidency. Visit this link to check it out, participate if you wish. Not restricted to Trump critics--every conceivable Constitutional outcome has been included.




05/23/17 07:28 AM #4295    


Jack Mallory

Bet SHE didn't get a medal from the Saudi King!


05/23/17 09:40 AM #4296    


Glen Hirose


As threatening as buzzards/vultures look it is not in their modus operandi to attack living things. Therefore if it doesn’t stink of death, and it is moving freely they will wait. We should shower regularly, and move about with purpose to avoid being set upon…

And maybe King Abdulaziz was just nervous about driving on the wrong side of the road.

By the way I offer this possible solution to all our political concerns.  A currant popular theory of many theoretical physicist predicts the existence of countless parallel universes; “The Multiverse”.  It is conceivable that one or many virtually identical universes exist with identical BCC class of 64’grads that are perfectly happy with their political environment.

So the fault may not be in us, but in our stars; that is the predicament.  Impeachment is not the solution; we need to find that “Worm Hole”.

05/23/17 10:44 AM #4297    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

I for one found it almost hilarious how the Saudi’s fawned and glorified DT on his visit. They knew exactly how to play him and it worked. They got the $100 billion arms deal they wanted complete with radar systems to help them intensify their assault on Yemen and the near starving people of that country. AND they got a bonus! They chose to look the other way regarding the hateful rhetoric DT has directed toward Islam and in return they got a promise that we will look the other way regarding their mistreatment of women and repression of dissent. Commerce Secretary Ross was positively delighted at the lack of protests on their visit. Clueless. We’ll also pretend that the 9/11 bombers didn’t come from Saudi Arabia and that they are not one of the biggest funders of Islamic terrorism through Wahhabi clerics. But they say they’re going to change all that. We’ll see. We seem to now be in alignment with the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia) and anti the Shia (Iran). Who besides the White House made THAT decision??

The very man who said “Islam hates us” is now saying all of us must live in harmony with Muslims. I have no idea if he’s changed his mind, but he never says the same things two days in a row, so who knows. I’ll bet his followers are unhappy to hear the new rhetoric though. It’s also likely that the hard right Israelis also will continue to be disappointed as they hear him stray farther and farther from his campaign promises and say whatever suits him that day.

Just for interest, here are a few quotes I’ve seen recently regarding our president: 

“He treats spies as just another bauble he can flaunt in front of others to make him look smart.” Malcom Nance the Guardian

From David Brooks  “He is thus the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence.” The Russian leak story reveals one other thing, the dangerousness of a hollow man.”


According to Julie Davis, a reporter for the New York Times, National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump's name in "as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he's mentioned," according to one source, who relayed conversations he had with NSC officials. 


And from Nora - " My buddy, the liberal Rockville Judge, told me 'a prosecutor prosecutes but cannot do so until evidence shows a law has been broken.”   So I guess evidence shows as confirmed by Lindsay Graham ““I think it’s now being considered a criminal investigation.” 


As some French friends said to me yesterday, now the whole world has to be concerned about what frightening thing DT will do next. They did acknowledge that they owed a big thank you to DT because it was the horror they experienced in watching him in action, that caused them to pull back from the brink and defeat Le Pen. 

05/23/17 11:36 AM #4298    


Shirley Hughes (Reese)

Jack, your photo reminded me of an old video I saved, showing an own flying to and landing on a securit camera.  The last few seconds are amazing!


05/23/17 05:24 PM #4299    


Jack Mallory

Glen--As unlikely as impeachment might seem, it is more likely than my understanding theoretical physics. Actually, every time I read or listen to the news, impeachment seems FAR more likely! Obstruction of justice is just so tacky.

Also: a link to an interview with the author of Behave: the Biology of Humans at our Best and Worst. Looks like it addresses a lot of the things you're interested in. I just downloaded it onto the Kindle.


Joan, anybody else: link to photos of my London trip, if interested:

Your French friends confirm what I said awhile back--we're a good bad example!


​Shirley--that perspective on the owl must be the last thing a lot of small mammals ever see! 


Did a New England Triathlon today: a little kayaking, a hike, and some wandering in an historic cemetery. Ospreys far and near, and the tombstone of a Civil War veteran, since it's almost Memorial Day.



05/23/17 07:55 PM #4300    


Stephen Hatchett

Jack, thanks for the heads up about Robert Sapolsky's book, "Behave ..."    Sapolsky is just a great researcher, thinker, and teacher/communicator.  He's the prof in some of the Great Courses which I have invested in. 

Glen et al, re wormholes into parallel universes in the multiverse.   All I'm reasonably sure of is that I'm stuck in my particular universe until I'm dead.  Maybe there are a bazillion much better, much worse, and just plain unimaginably different universes.  This one has DT, but maybe, just maybe, there's a wormhole just for him.  At least that's a flight of fancy that makes me smile. 



05/24/17 09:40 AM #4301    


Glen Hirose


Your comment brings up another thought;  what if my other entangled self in a parallel universe is quite alright with his situation, but I by my discontentment cause him (at exactly the same moment) to be inexplicably distraught?  Maybe this would account for unprovoked fits of anxiety and depression.  Hmm, I feel an obligation on his behalf to remain optimistic.


An example of some exquisitely entangled particles:

   Image result for rum buns


05/24/17 05:50 PM #4302    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

And I feel an obligation on behalf of the forum to (not only remain optimistic in the face of great cynicism) but to assure those who may have wondered if I had become entangled in seaweed off the coast of Aruba, that I am quite all right. Thanks to those who asked privately! I had no idea my pause in posting might cause concern.  

PS. To Glen: toasted you with a "Chill" (a lovely local brew) & scarfed a scrumptious Cuban Sandwich at the colorful, upbeat Iguana Joe's! Thanks for giving me the idea! Did you happen to take in Gianni's delectable Italian cuisine while here? Mamma mia! 


05/24/17 07:28 PM #4303    


Glen Hirose


No, but I will.  It is definitely a possibility that in a previous life I was Italian.

05/25/17 08:40 PM #4304    


Jack Mallory

U.S. Court of Appeals upholds Federal District Court's freeze on implementing Trump's Muslim travel ban, which it says, “in context drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination . . .” Presidential authority "cannot go unchecked when, as here, the president wields it through an executive edict that stands to cause irreparable harm to individuals across this nation . . .”

". . . drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination . . ." Now that's calling a spade a spade--or even a goddam shovel! Read the court's extensive use of Trump's own words, and tweets, and the words of Spicer and others, in coming to its decision:


My homeboy heron is back on the river behind the house:

And Deb and I have just gotten an informal volunteer gig with NH Audubon, as eagle scouts! Not Boy Scouts, but kayakers they can call on to check out reports of eagles on lakes and rivers, trying to locate new nests and count nesting pairs! 


05/26/17 08:59 AM #4305    


Glen Hirose

Mr. Audubon would be very happy to know that You and Deb are standing watch...

   Image result for bird pictures of james j audubon

05/26/17 09:33 AM #4306    


Jack Mallory

Louisiana Heron. Much bluer than our Great Blue Heron, which is really pretty gray. I guess you could call this this one blue-gray.

05/26/17 10:14 AM #4307    


Janet Lowry (Deal)

Jack -

Congrats on the Eagle Scout status and keep the fabulous images coming!

(It was the beauty of birds that started me on my career in botany.)

Anyone ever see a pied billed grebe?  They are elusive and heavily camoflouged.

I'm just curious, they are said to be common but rarely noted.

05/26/17 11:00 AM #4308    


Glen Hirose

    Here is an absolutely exquisite water color rendering of a Pied-billed Grebe.

   Image result for audubon's painting of pied billed grebe



   No matter which Heron it is, there is no finer fisherman on earth...

05/26/17 11:52 AM #4309    


Jack Mallory

Never met a Pied Billed Grebe, Janet. Or if I met one, perhaps it was too heavily camouflaged to recognize. But I'll post pix when I get them. Tomorrow, up to Long Pond, in the White Mtns. Maybe loons, herons, raptors of one type or another. Long Pond last fall:


05/26/17 01:47 PM #4310    


Janet Lowry (Deal)

Seeing a loon in the flesh (plumage?) is still on my bucket list.  At this point, it's a long shot, but not totally off the table.

A few years ago, I saw a pair of p-b grebes sizing up my pond, but I only saw them once.  Then, in 2015, I saw another(?) pair cruising around on a huge volcanic lake in NZ.  Two sightings, that far apart in time and space. Who knows, maybe they nested in my pond but I just couldn't distinguish them from the foliage, then they migrated south, very, very south.

Love the water color.  Clearly I'm not the only one to have seen these guys.  Never saw one alone, though.

05/26/17 04:56 PM #4311    


Jack Mallory

We got loons! From a couple of weeks ago:


Many lakes and ponds have a breeding pair, bigger bodies of water might have two. I'll be posting lots of loon pix over the next few months--this just about 10 days ago. 

One of the first actions of Trump's new Sec'y. of the Interior was lifting the Obama administration's ban on lead sinkers and ammo, a health risk to waterfowl and raptors like hawks, eagles, and ospreys. I'd offer to take Trump kayaking, to try and create some appreciation for nature (a golf course is NOT nature!), but I'll bet the Secret Service would disapprove.



05/26/17 06:45 PM #4312    


Glen Hirose

Sal & Claire before the kids.

   Image result for female loons

05/27/17 06:24 AM #4313    


Jerry Morgan

If anyone is interested in what the Trump administration is doing to impede environmental research, there is an interesting article on the subject by LaShell Stratton-Childers.  LaShell is an author and currently an editor for the Water Environment and Technology.  WET is the literary arm of the WEF (Water Environment Federation) and is the source for research and the dissemination of environmental information worldwide.  The article is too long to post here but if anyone wishes to read the article it can be found on the WEF website at: 

On another note I heard a conversation considering those who refuse to accept the reports on DT and are called inconvincibles.  Inconvincibles are those that refuse to change an opinion even under the most devastating truths.  Anyone we know fall into that category?  Hmmmmm.

Last night my son and I attended a performance by Trevor Noah.  It was refreshing to listen to a comic that didn't find it necessary to continuously drop the F bomb every other word and still be extremely funny.  While he did pepper his performance with talk of DT, it was not a rant about Trump.  It was a great evening.

So now the investigators are following the money.  I find it very interesting that Trump's son-in-law was elbows deep with the Russian banks and their ties to Putin and his spy agencies.  The investigators find Kutchner a person of interest in the Russian investigation.  Just fake news again?  Is inconvincible a real word and do we know anyone that fits that definition?  The answer to both is a resounding YES.

05/27/17 08:47 AM #4314    


Jack Mallory

We all know that you and that so-called comedian are nothing more than disgruntled Hillary supporters. There is no such thing as an intelligent, informed, morally-principled critic of Trump. Anyone who questions his judgement, character, knowledge, or integrity is, by definition, a small-minded, liberal cynic. Don't you understand that everything Trump does that critics challenge can be justified by the alleged lies, mistakes, or character flaws of previous presidents? 

05/27/17 10:17 AM #4315    


Glen Hirose


Sarcasm?  I’m shocked; I was under the impression that all kayakers were happy-go-lucky types.  Maybe it’s time to change venues…

   Image result for cross country motorcycle racing  Image result for ducati panigale

Or possibly racing a Ducati Panigale R would be a bit more stimulating; I love that bike...

There are no gravitons being emitted by this Panigale R.

05/27/17 08:50 PM #4316    


Jack Mallory

Sarcasm? Sarcasm? Surely you jest, sir. No, I've had a revelation, an epiphany, I see the light. The less than laudable behavior of politicians past demonstrates that we can expect no better in the present. Shrug your shoulders, throw your hands in the air, abandon any expectation of competency, honesty, or integrity from those who govern, especially The Donald. Life will be so much simpler. 



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