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07/16/17 10:42 AM #4681    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

As for not believing the speeches, that's fine. You needn't  believe them but you shouldn't take the Left pundits' labels of Trump as true from his speech copy. Why do they do it? My assumption is that they want to control public opinion ...but, they are creating a false narrative in defining him as an isolationist, a racist, a misogynist, a faschist, a White Supremacist, a man who thinks our allies are "parasites", etc., based on his speeches. And, if they are doing that with his speeches, aren't you at all concerned that their agenda extends beyond just discussing those speeches? 

My man just reminded me that we have a life beyond this forum. 😜 Off to church! 

07/16/17 02:15 PM #4682    


Deborah Pellington (O'Hara)


Nori- I guess different people can hear different things. I was concerned about Trump's failing to support Article 5 of the NATO document and wondering if the reason for that was because of his friendly relations with Russia. 

I also wonder about your statement about our "shining "values. I'm pretty sure other nations are not admiring our good neighbor policies with Mexico or our ability as a nation to improve race relations( of course I happen to live in a state where people think it's okay to fly the Confederate flag!) White people seem to think everyone should act and look like them just as The USA thinks all countries aspire to be like America!

07/16/17 04:15 PM #4683    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

There is no doubt that there have been diplomatic missteps along Trump's bumpy journey since he announced his run. His naïveté as a politician rears its head & his NATO stance was Trump being Trump. Not Republican, not Democrat. Whether it was his knee-jerk reaction as a businessman to make the claim that the US carries more than its share of the burden & that some NATO members don't allot enough resources to the alliance OR he was in cahoots with the Russians, I cannot say. (It should be noted, however, that even Obama admonished Europe for not living up to devoting 2% of their GDP to defense, saying that Europe had been complacent about its security.) For me, it was a show of strength, that we would not be taken advantage of & that ALL members would have to abide by the rules, in order to have full cooperation. Perhaps Debbie is right. Perhaps not. Who knows? 

As for race relations, I believe Trump, as well as all our other Presidents deeply believe in our Declaration of Independence and "hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". (Sometimes one has to wonder if those words would be considered alt-right, by today's Left.) 

Deb, (last time I checked) you were White & so am I. I certainly don't want everybody to look or act like us but maybe you can better explain what that even means. 


07/16/17 06:29 PM #4684    


Jack Mallory

Just sit quietly, folks. Hush. Let our government decide what's best. Don't question, don't challenge, just accept. We can trust our leader to know and do what's best for us. Hold your comments, your opinions, until our representatives have already decided what to do. When they decide, accept the outcome. 

And trust, trust, trust. When you hear the solemn words of the Declaration of Independence, about all men being endowed with the rights of life, liberty, and happiness, don't ask about slavery, or women, or native-Americans, or the property-less. Never doubt, never question. War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength. 


Conversation overheard in Vietnam (or was it Cambodia? Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia . . . ?): 

"Mom, what's that light in the sky? Is that American values, shining brightly?"

"No dear, that's an American airstrike! Run for the bunker!"


Three of seven ducklings that swam right up to and past the kayak. If you sit motionless, except for moving the camera, a lot of critters will pay you no mind; you're just part of the scenery. I could have swatted one of these with the paddle. 


And sometimes on the water, you run into really weird critters. These are Bryozoan colonies, each "cluster" (these are as big or bigger than a football) consisting of tens of thousands of single-celled animals. No, Glen, I don't know how to cook them, or what wine is best served with them. Something dank and stagnant, perhaps. 



07/17/17 08:49 AM #4685    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Ha! Point well taken! THAT'S  one of my fave aspects of American values - the fact that we can choose to be as active or inactive as we'd like. And you & I probably fall at different ends of the spectrum, Jack. My lens comes from an abiding faith in this country, its Constitution, its people & (with Gods ' blessing) its leaders. That doesn't mean i think it's perfect or above reproach or that we should not be constantly evolving. But, it would seem our present MSM (& specifically the Left) is staging an attack against Western civilization! "White Nationalist rhetoric?" Gimme a break! Our way of life developed from centuries of spiritual & intellectual thought originating in Ancient Greece & Italy, specifically Rome, Athens, Jeruselem. I remember (from Mr. Bryant) that our belief that all people are equal under the law originated from ye olde bedrock, the Magna Carta. It disturbs me when I see/hear/read that our way of life as seen through the speeches of our President. is racist or intolerant because that is denying how far our modern society has come -- most particularly here in the US! You & I lived through it. The significance that our way of life has brought to the world is mind boggling! The rule of law & enforcement, free markets, education, freedom of expression, strong & healthy competition, technological advancements & the list goes on. Your damned right I believe all nations should want to jump on board! Is it any wonder that people are clamoring to get in here? Besides listening to CNN, do a little travel, folks. You may just realize how much we DO shine. 


07/17/17 09:17 AM #4686    


Glen Hirose

Thanks Jack,

but I could imagine those Bryozoan colonies might have the flavor profile of a moldy dish towel left undiscovered beneath the kitchen sink in which case I would have ( 0 ) wine suggestions.

Amazing that those mallard ducklings swam so close to your kayak, but a net would be more efficient to swat with.  Then I would have a few recommended vintages for you...



We got Madson & Doolittle from the A's!  And Dolittle is a lefty too; I'm starting to feel better after the "Ross" bad news last week.

07/17/17 10:02 AM #4687    


Janet Lowry (Deal)

WOW!  Once again I learned something new, thanks to your bryozoan images, Jack.  I definitely would have guessed fungus (slime mold, specifically) or algae when I first saw those images.  Never even heard of bryozoa before (oh, wait, maybe I have, much has slipped the old memory bank here). Your vantage point on the water is fabulous, and one I may never achieve.  So I thank you again for the photos. And the info.

Over a year ago I promised myself I would not fall into the political discussion, and here I am, about to disappoint myself.  Oh, well, here goes.  As it happens, in my life I have dealt with more than a few duplicitous people.  No regrets or anything like that, because they have taught me many things about reality.  I'm thankful, really, and it has been my observation that whenever a person SAYS one thing and DOES another, the truth is what they're DOING and not what they're SAYING.  How about viewing Mr. Trump's words and actions through this "lens", as Nori would say?

07/17/17 02:02 PM #4688    


Jack Mallory

Janet--I guarantee I didn't identify those Bryozoan colonies myself! Closest I could come to figuring out what they were was something escaped from the set of an Aliens movie. I sent the pix out to a couple of biologist friends for the ID. They still give me the heebie-jeebies when I see them in the water, and I'm very careful not to dump my kayak if I'm anywhere near them!

I agree with you: the best guide to values isn't words, but actions. Watch what is done, not what is said, whether it's TRCP or the U.S. in general. 

Many of us haven't had the range of travel experience that Nora seems to have had ("do a little travel, folks. You may just realize how much we DO shine.", but I've strayed outside the U.S. borders a couple of times. I would say that our "shine" is inconsistent, at best. I've mentioned Vietnam. But Uncle Sam also gave me a couple of years in Panama in the 8th Special Forces Group. There I occasionally taught, to my eventual regret, at the infamous School of the Americas, where we trained the military and police for a number of Latin American autocracies and military dictatorships, including those of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina . . . 

I later lived and traveled in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. In the first two, I could see first-hand the effects of supporting undemocratic governments and arming, training, and advising their security forces. The Guatemalan military in particular put our supplies and training to use in a campaign against their indigenous population that many refer to as genocidal. Nearly 200,000 Maya Indians were killed by government troops.

In Honduras, the U.S. trained and supplied military kept themselves in political power for nearly 25 years without elections. In Nicaragua, we armed and funded the Contras in an illegal attempt to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, using tactics that we would, today, call terrorism.

Although I never visited El Salvador, our relationship with their government and military had similar results. During the Salvadoran Civil War, the U.S. supported government was kept in power by death squads and by the Salvadoran military, again trained, equipped, and advised by the U.S. The infamous Atlacatl Battalion, armed with M16s and firing ammuntion bought for them by the American tax payers, murdered 800 civilians, over half of them children, in the El Mozote Massacre.

I regret not having had the opportunities to see our "shine" that Nora has had. I do, however, have some grasp of the realities of that shine. 




07/17/17 04:46 PM #4689    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Interesting travel resume, Jack. Enlighten us further about what you think our intentions were for the most part, & what you consider successes on the part of our great military (since your view of your beloved country is defined as "inconsistent, at best"). As for Nam, no one (including me) can argue that that was anything but a disasterous chapter in our history. But, more to my previous point, have we not evolved from that mistake at all, in your estimation? 

As for Trump & his actions vs. words: am actually quite relieved you have taken the time to digest Trump's speeches! That said, I would like to see more evidence (from Janet? You?) to suggest there is much of a negative discrepancy, beyond the usual disconnect between campaign rhetoric & the realities of what one faces as President. Do you now wish he had stayed with his campaign "isolationist" bent? Or do you think he has now gathered too "hawkish" a collection of military "policing the world" types to make these sobering decisions? Curiously, HRC was considered too hawkish by many standards & certainly much more so than Sanders. Lastly, please illuminate for us why & how Sanders' won your support & how you could vote for HRC after she & her campaign stole the election from your candidate. 

Oh, & btw, tell me again why there are so many people waiting, no dying, for the privilege to live here in this land of the free? I missed that. 

07/17/17 07:39 PM #4690    


Jack Mallory


Sent to me by Joan Ruggles: Cutting off river access to wounded veteran adaptive paddlers, among others, so the elite can play golf. If there's to be a paddle-in protest, I'm there! 

07/17/17 08:49 PM #4691    


Jack Mallory

I'm not convinced Hillary "stole" the nomination from Sanders. But given the alternative, even before it appeared he was Putin's candidate, it was easy to vote for her. If you still don't understand my reasons, after a couple of years of my explaining them here, there's no point to my saying it all again. 

People in many parts of the world are waiting, no dying, to get anyplace away from where they are dying already. Far, far more of them are fleeing to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe than are coming here. 


07/17/17 10:27 PM #4692    


Jerry Morgan

Nora my source placed Nevada at 29th in the country with 396 deaths in 2014 according to Kaiser.  "The most recent opioid overdose data from 2014, published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, indicates the situation is especially grim in some states, such as Ohio, which led the country in opioid overdoses in 2014. However, the data also shows the problem is not limited to one geographic region — opioid abuse is truly a national public health issue. According to the data, the nation counted 28,647 lives lost to opioid overdoses in 2014, including overdoses from natural, semisynthetic and synthetic opioids, methadone and heroin".  So I don't know where the Nevada stats are from but mine came from Kaiser.  I do agree that regardless of where these deaths are occurring it is a problem.  We have a real entry drug now as before we used to claim that maijuana was the drug that led to heroin.  It wasn't true then but oxy and hydro codones are now real access drugs to heroin and illegal fentanyl addiction and death.  Fentanyl and heroin are so dangerous because they are sold in powder form and the user has no way of telling what's in the powder.  

Unfortunately, I have no recipe to stop drug epidemics.  I do fear that all the hysteria about drug epidemics will have the unintended result of hurting those people that use opiods for legitimate pain control and take all their medications as prescribed and to doctors that order them appropriately.   At the risk of sounding heartless, I do think that all that money for the "opioid epidemic" could be better spent on the 29,000 that died from prostate cancer or the 540K that died from all forms of cancer in the USA in 2015 and let the states that have an addiction problem pay for it from other existing funding.

The latest data from the CDC shows the interesting geography of the opiod epidemc in America.  I am not so certain that our fearless leaders have a handle on the situation at all and they are just looking for more ways to gut the ACA and throw billions of dollars at a problem they haven't a clue how to deal with except to say America has this terrible pill problem and we are going to wipe it out.  Below is the data from the CDC and what the data shows.


07/17/17 11:21 PM #4693    


Jerry Morgan

Nora I agree with you that Trump has indeed stirred me with his words.  My opponent is ugly, that reporter is a cripple, Mexicans are rapists and murders.  The list can go on and on.  You hear his words about making new friends and I hear build walls and collude with Putin.  I will take my ears and my feelings over those that think they hear the glorious words of an inspiring leader  The man is a pig and I find him offensive.  As for all presidents believing in all men are created equal.  Ha that lasted until about Jefferson.  Most people have been chasing that dream for forever.  He has absolutely no repeat no redeeming value.  I doubt that anyone that drinks his koolaid will ever change.  His base is made up of those that he was referring to when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of NYC and not lose a vote.  How can anyone choose to admire, associate or believe in a person like that.  It has nothing to do with Left or Right.  It has all to do with Right and Wrong.

07/18/17 12:10 AM #4694    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Thanks for the opioid discussion, Jerry. It does look bleak. I found my previous "3rd worst state status for Nevada" from an article (Las Vegas Weekly, byline- Kristy Totten, dated April 6, 2016) entitled "Addiction and Action: What Nevada is Doing to Curb its High Rate of Opiod Deaths"...cited in the piece,..."with 13.5% of deaths in 2014 attributed to heroin overdoses, this state ranks 3rd worst in the country". Not sure why there are so many inaccurate & conflicting stats available. Not sure either why you could rather see Cancer patients get the money when Cancer already gets the lion's share. With a mere 4.5B allotted within the newly proposed Healthcare plan, that is sadly only about 20% of what experts says is needed to make a real difference. 

Jack, with what is known about how the DNC stacked the deck against Sanders, even going so far as to leak debate questions to HRC, am curious as to why you do not necessarily believe that. As for Trump, I am quite aware of your opinion based on a myriad of stories out there re Trump pre-election. Thought there might be something new to add since. But allow  us to know more about Sanders, in your estimation. What policies attract you most? 

Robert, your inquiry re my position on Healthcare is really not much different than most: try to cover (with optimum services) as many people as possible, charging them as little as possible. My desire is to see more choices (which I hear IS written in) for the subscriber. The hurdles are those with pre-existing conditions (among others) finding coverage, which is comparsble to getting coverage for your automobile right AFTER an accident! This is one hot potato that nobody wants to touch BUT I do like the ideas (put forth by Cassidy/Collins) of allowing states to handle more of the decision making than laying it all on the Fed. I like, too, Rand Paul's idea to vote forward the aspects of the bill that they agree on & attach parts of the more turbulent areas of discourse to other (Democrat friendly) bills. That way, it can be more secure, if it's at least partially bi-partisan. One thing which should please the J-Team: i believe strongly that the mid-term will be lost by the GOP if Obamacare is not repealed. Add that to the energized, organized movement to overthrow this WH & there will be no way to maintain a majority. I, in no way want to see a single-payer system (because we can not afford it now) but am resigned that that is where we're headed. Just MHO! 

07/18/17 12:11 AM #4695    


Jerry Morgan

Jack we are wasting our time.  Some of us just can't see behind the curtain. The emperor has no clothes and the man behind the curtain is nothing that he appears to be he is a total fraud.

07/18/17 08:04 AM #4696    


Jack Mallory

For folks who might think that the public's (especially disabled vets') rights to river access should be prioritized over the rights of golfers, like TRCP, who have MANY alternative places to golf, you can comment on the Coast Guard's plans here: Be active, not passive.

Federal eRulemaking Portal

Docket Number USCG-2017-0448

Enter the docket number in the search box, then click search.  On the next
screen, click the Comment Now button. You will be presented with a form to
fill out. Type your comments up in advance, then copy and paste them into
the Comments box.  You are required to enter your name, but have the choice
of entering contact information.


I know, Jerry, I know. But maybe there's someone else reading the forum who might be swayed by evidence and argument.


I see, this morning, that disgruntled Hilary supporters among the Senate Republicans have blocked the "healthcare" plan. That must be what happened, because everything the Trumpublicans see as bad comes from disgruntled HRC supporters. No one could possibly be making their own honest evaluations of policy and coming up with positions opposed to TRCP's. 


Here's some fun (https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDemocrats/videos/1619507694808945/)

07/18/17 12:33 PM #4697    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Hey, guys, for the record, I am not a Trump fan. I am for many of the changes that come with the Republicans this term, period. He is the gatekeeper & so far, I'm supportive of many of the positions he has taken, the people he has chosen & the confidence being shown in the economy. Most of the disengenuous assertions being grandstanded by Congress (the swamp?) about healthcare is political, pure & simple. 

Robert, my biggest concern with 'single-payer' is the lack of motivation to continue keeping medical innovation growing at the breakneck speed to which we are accustomed. From Canadian friends, they are least pleased with that aspect too. I hate that insurance companies & the government are in bed together & that's part of the political quagmire, as well. Would welcome your observations...

07/18/17 04:06 PM #4698    


Janet Lowry (Deal)

I hate that insurance companies are in any way involved in healthcare.

Not sure why there are so many conflicting stats?  Could it be that not all news sources are reliable, that not all of them exactly vet their sources and/or their information?







07/18/17 07:05 PM #4699    


Jack Mallory

I'm sure that there are a lot of acceptable reasons for small variations in statistics, but there's something seriously wrong, just based on common sense, with a figure of 13.5% of deaths from overdose. Hospitals/hospices are full of folks dying from heart disease, cancers, lots of "natural causes." That 13.5% of all deaths are heroin overdoses seems highly unlikely.

Stats from CDC: "In 2015, the five states with the highest rates of death due to drug overdose were West Virginia (41.5 per 100,000), New Hampshire (34.3 per 100,000), Kentucky (29.9 per 100,000), Ohio (29.9 per 100,000), and Rhode Island (28.2 per 100,000)." That's ALL drug overdose, not just heroin, so death figures from heroin would be even lower  

30-40 deaths per 100,000, or in percentages .03%-.04% or 3/100ths of a percent (somebody check me on this, I shouldn't be allowed near decimal points by myself), nowhere near 13-14%. I think the reporter read some stats she really didn't understand. 

Whenever anybody throws stats at you, first thing to do is ask, "Does this make sense?"

Sorry, I don't know why this is going bold. 

Addendum--as best as I can guess, and it's just a guess since the reporter's sources are very unclear, she was maybe talking about a 13.5% increase in the rate of overdose deaths. There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and the statistically illiterate. 

07/18/17 11:33 PM #4700    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

My understanding from the article was that with Nevada bearing 13.5% of the nation's overdoses, it ranked 3rd worst state in 2014. Whether that's true or not, I cannot say. Since it came from Las Vegas Weekly, I doubt it has reason to fudge the numbers but these days, who knows? Maybe Las Vegas alone bore 13.5% which wouldn't surprise me. One thing's obvious: getting tougher & tougher to present viable evidence these days! 🙄


07/19/17 12:29 AM #4701    


Jerry Morgan

From the NCI Budget Handbook

Since 2003, with the exception of the funding received through ARRA, there has been a decade-long hiatus in financial growth in the nation’s investment in cancer research. Coupled with the increased expense of research and the loss of nearly 25% of the NCI budget in constant dollars since 2003 due to inflation, the institute’s ability to exploit promising opportunities and to sustain rapid momentum in preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer is being compromised. 

Also from the NCI website.  The 2017 NCI budget is $5.389 billion hardly a lion's share of the 32.3B NIH budget Nora.  The Beau Biden fund provides an additional 300M.  I wonder how much the Trump foundation provides for meaningful work.  Given the discrepancy between the NCI budget and the promise of an opioid budget of 45B or 4.5B a year, I think NCI could use some of that.  If you do the math opioid deaths are around 60K and cancer deaths are at 550K I would think you would want to put the lion's share toward the greatest need.  What do I know?  If you want to get moral about it, many of the cancer deaths are not caused by lifestyle; whereas drug overdoses are for the most part a result of choices.  In my book little kids with cancer are a better choice for my dollars rather than spending all that money on an "epedemic" that we aren't sure how to deal with except throw a mass of money at it.  Maybe we should get tough with china for providing the black market with fentanyl.

07/19/17 07:31 AM #4702    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Very interesting report, Jerry. Thanks.

Just for clarity, when it comes to health crises, what DO we do besides "throw money at it"? Wasn't AIDS a disease reflecting choices & lifestyles? And weren't we able to get control of it by throwing big bucks? And aren't bucks used to educate, spread public awareness, fundraise, research (& other endeavors outside the laboratory), whereby human behaviors, resulting in disease & death, are often curbed? Aside, shouldn't the alarming growth in numbers of drug deaths bring out the big bucks? Considering the tragic loss of young lives, the families of those affected, the children being neglected by drugged out parents, & on & on, it sure seems to warrant being up there on the list of big ticket items to me! 

07/19/17 12:08 PM #4703    


Jack Mallory

Jerry--got to be careful about conditioning medical treatment on lifestyle/behaviors. Cardio-vascular and liver disease, lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, muscular/skeletal conditions . . . personal choices, including profession, play into health. Tough to figure out who is more or less deserving. 


Insane day at the Manchester VA Medical Center. Google it, see both patient care hooraw that blew up over the weekend, and today's flood. DC VA honchos/investigators wending their way around water pumps, stepping over the bodies of VA Med Center execs terminated for extreme incompetence. 

07/19/17 09:33 PM #4704    


Jack Mallory

50 years ago this summer. Reading this (link at the bottom), for me, is experiencing it for the first time. I was out of the country almost continually from the spring of 1967 until the spring of 1970, with a few weeks of leave in the US interspersed. It should remind us all that the current racial divisiveness in this country is the continuation of a history that we were exposed to when young. 

Having missed personal experiences with this period, I'd love to hear comments and recollections from you all!







07/20/17 08:28 PM #4705    


Robert Hall

From CNN:
Our President's first six months.
991 tweets
40 days at a Trump golf resort
O pieces of major legislation. MAGA!

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