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02/15/19 03:10 PM #7823    


Jack Mallory

And this one of the pro-Trump ads the Russians placed on FB, perhaps inspired by campaign demographic data given them by Paul Manafort? I suspect the Russians were just having fun phishing for Trump votes. But Sarah Sanders really believes this shit. 


This from a year before the election. Slightly more subtle; a real American campaign artifact, I think.

02/15/19 07:57 PM #7824    


Jack Mallory

Thinking of you all on this first night of the National Emergency. I hope everyone is safe in their bunkers with food, water, and ammunition laid up for the duration. A Bible would probably be a good thing to have, but don’t go out to get one—it's not safe. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get one delivered within two days—they deliver during Emergencies, although there may be a surcharge.

If in any doubt, probably should also order the Book of Mormon, a Koran, a Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, and if still relevant a copy of the the Kama Sutra; could be a long Emergency, might want some new ideas. Large print, so you don’t have to worry about finding your reading glasses.

I'm sure the Commander in Chief impressed the gravity of the crisis on all of us when he made it clear in his emergency declaration that he “didn’t need to do this” and that the election is “the only reason we're up here talking about this.” 

As we lie down in our beds tonight, safe behind the sand bags (you have sandbagged your beds, right?), we can at least sleep soundly, knowing that the President is protecting us with the same bravery and commitment he manifested during the war in Vietnam. 

just a minute . . . there are people outside . . . they’re not speaking English . . .


It's ok. They’re blonde, and speaking Norwegian. 

02/16/19 07:53 AM #7825    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack, don't you understand that Trump is an exception to the rule....if he says he didn't need to do the National Emergency, it means that he really did need to do it, and if he said it was because of the election, he meant it wasn't because of the election. However, just in case he does it thank you for telling me about the sand bags, etc. so we will be prepared. Its so scary that the immigration entry is down and crime rate is so low for immigrants....YIKES....help...Love, Joanie

02/16/19 07:05 PM #7826    


Jack Mallory

Maybe you can get sand bags at Lowes, or Home Depot, Joanie. I don't know where you get the sand. Probably don't want to dig up your garden. Maybe as part of the National Emergency the government will provide both. 

It was comforting to see Trump head for the links at Mar al Lago after announcing the Emergency. Executive Time as usual. I wonder if the grounds keepers are documented?


I drove up into the Whites today to view the Emergency from there. Snowy, no caravans of immigrants burning and looting.

And, in case you were tempted,



And then, on the way back, 5 minutes from home:



02/16/19 07:32 PM #7827    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Stunning photos Jack...thank you for sending them and the many other beauties you send. The Whites must be the White Mountains...I climbed Mt. Washington many times mostly on Tuckerman Ravene...last did it when I was 65...it might be a little hard to do now!!!! Its so beautiful in that area. Love, Joanie

02/16/19 08:07 PM #7828    


Jack Mallory

Mt. Washington at 65—got me beat, Joanie! My last was Crawford Path and the Westside Trail, ducking the climb to the summit. I excuse myself by saying I'm avoiding the crowds that the road and rail bring up., but it's really that last, steep half mile or so. 

Forgot this one from this morning!

02/16/19 09:53 PM #7829    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Oh, I love that shot too. Love, Joanie

02/17/19 09:31 AM #7830    


Jack Mallory

Joan—dogs and presidents:

02/17/19 12:24 PM #7831    


Jack Mallory

As I suspected from yesterday's eagle sighting, last year's nest is occupied again! Scarcely five minutes from home!


02/17/19 09:41 PM #7832    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

For those who may still have a soft spot for gentleman Joe Gibbs (like I do), today was a real red-letter day. The Daytona 500 was not only the most exciting crash-filled race ever, but Joe’s team, (headed up by the amazing Denny Hamlin) won the 1-2-3 spots! Particularly fitting is that the race was dedicated to Joe Gibbs’ son who tragically passed away this past year. Every now & then real life gets it SO right. 

Stay toasty, folks. And don’t hate me...I’m snowbirding in Florida til April. Yeehaw! 


02/18/19 10:18 AM #7833    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

I like Joe Gibbs. He was a great coach for the Redskins and seems like a good person overall too!....and enjoy being in sunny Florida Nori. Love, Joanie

02/18/19 02:29 PM #7834    


Jack Mallory

No Florida envy here; hoping for eagles in the snow pix tomorrow!


Emergencies, leadership, and words that inspire:

Day 3 of the National Emergency, Mar al Lago golf course:


Mar al Lago omelette bar:

“I'll have the 4-egg omelette, AMERICAN cheese, and a bottle of ketchup.” 

1940, the Blitz, London:

Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.” 

Will Americans someday look back on the National Emergency of 2019 and say, “This was their finest hour?”

02/18/19 10:26 PM #7835    


Jerry Morgan

Jack you forgot the Egyptian and.Tibetan Books of the dead  Nora be careful out there They all got guns and. they are ready to shoot.

02/19/19 07:31 AM #7836    


Jack Mallory

Actually, Jerry, what I failed to suggest was a copy of the Constitution. A good text to have at hand as POTUS tells us that using 1st Amendment rights to discuss the 25th Amendment is “treasonous.” He also categorizes those who advocate single-payer health care and/or increased taxes on the rich as “socialists”—traditionally linked to treason in right-wing politics. 

I, many of my friends (veterans and non-vets), even those of us posting to the forum might fall into one or both of these categories. There's no such thing as reasonable political disagreement in Trump's United States. 

OK, I’ll 'fess up: Treasonous Socialist, that's me. Maybe I need a sweatshirt? Any of you Js and honorary Js want to join me?


02/19/19 08:15 AM #7837    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

I think our views are close enough that I can join your club and still retain my J ness....Love, Joanie

02/19/19 10:28 AM #7838    


Jack Mallory

I’ll see what I can find, Joanie. Seems like a SOCIALIST TRAITOR sweatshirt would pretty much have to be red! Wait til you see the hat I just ordered, will post a pic when it arrives.

Bernie must be reading the forum—he just announced. Maybe we’ll see him wearing a shirt!


And now I see an Alabama newspaper has joined the Trump attacks, calling for lynchings of socialists and communists. https://apple.news/APMhR4-y3Qt67tTnnP9Tm6w

I don’t think our emergency has anything to do with immigrants. I think it’s entirely home grown. And it’s clear who the gardener is. 

02/20/19 10:09 AM #7839    


Jack Mallory

Joanie—my new hat, as promised. Deb tells me it's too political to wear at the VA. I used to think that honesty was a bi-partisan issue, but I guess the concept makes some folks defensive.


I know I’ve posted pix of this scene before, but every morning the light's just a little different



02/20/19 11:28 AM #7840    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack, the hat has the right message in this era of Trump. Maybe a crowd could wear it near the Trump hat crowd...well, I think I am setting up a possible conflict as the Trump hat people are very insulted by anyone questioning their leader, so maybe the two crowds could have gatherings at different locations...anyway, that scene is so beautiful...I saw you had it in another shot. Do you live near this scene. I saw the same house in it each time. Love, Joanie

02/20/19 02:03 PM #7841    


Helen Lambie (Goldstein)

I don’t know the origin of this or if there is a Nate White, but in case you missed this (which is currently all over the internet) please enjoy. I love it!

One Brit's opinion of Donnie:

Someone asked "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?"

Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England, wrote this magnificent response:

"A few things spring to mind.

Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.

For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace - all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.

So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.

Plus, we like a laugh. And while Trump may be laughable, he has never once said anything wry, witty or even faintly amusing - not once, ever.

I don’t say that rhetorically, I mean it quite literally: not once, not ever. And that fact is particularly disturbing to the British sensibility - for us, to lack humour is almost inhuman.

But with Trump, it’s a fact. He doesn’t even seem to understand what a joke is - his idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult, a casual act of cruelty.

Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers.

And scarily, he doesn’t just talk in crude, witless insults - he actually thinks in them. His mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty prejudices and knee-jerk nastiness.

There is never any under-layer of irony, complexity, nuance or depth. It’s all surface.

Some Americans might see this as refreshingly upfront.

Well, we don’t. We see it as having no inner world, no soul.

And in Britain we traditionally side with David, not Goliath. All our heroes are plucky underdogs: Robin Hood, Dick Whittington, Oliver Twist.

Trump is neither plucky, nor an underdog. He is the exact opposite of that.

He’s not even a spoiled rich-boy, or a greedy fat-cat.

He’s more a fat white slug. A Jabba the Hutt of privilege.

And worse, he is that most unforgivable of all things to the British: a bully.

That is, except when he is among bullies; then he suddenly transforms into a snivelling sidekick instead.

There are unspoken rules to this stuff - the Queensberry rules of basic decency - and he breaks them all. He punches downwards - which a gentleman should, would, could never do - and every blow he aims is below the belt. He particularly likes to kick the vulnerable or voiceless - and he kicks them when they are down.

So the fact that a significant minority - perhaps a third - of Americans look at what he does, listen to what he says, and then think 'Yeah, he seems like my kind of guy’ is a matter of some confusion and no little distress to British people, given that: 

* Americans are supposed to be nicer than us, and mostly are. 

* You don't need a particularly keen eye for detail to spot a few flaws in the man.

This last point is what especially confuses and dismays British people, and many other people too; his faults seem pretty bloody hard to miss.

After all, it’s impossible to read a single tweet, or hear him speak a sentence or two, without staring deep into the abyss. He turns being artless into an art form; he is a Picasso of pettiness; a Shakespeare of shit. His faults are fractal: even his flaws have flaws, and so on ad infinitum.

God knows there have always been stupid people in the world, and plenty of nasty people too. But rarely has stupidity been so nasty, or nastiness so stupid.

He makes Nixon look trustworthy and George W look smart.

In fact, if Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws - he would make a Trump.

And a remorseful Doctor Frankenstein would clutch out big clumpfuls of hair and scream in anguish:

'My God… what… have… I… created?

If being a twat was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set."





























































02/20/19 02:55 PM #7842    


Jack Mallory

Joanie--that spot is on my regular, 3-4 times a day dog-walking route. This time of year, on VA days when I get going really early, I'm walking by there shortly before sunrise. Then, on my way down to the VA, I sometimes get more of the sunrise from the highway. 

My hat got a couple of reactions, almost exactly the same. Two Trumpsters, separately, spotted it and had knee-jerk reactions to a red hat with writing on it--they each came over and begain spouting Trumpisms, as if to a long-lost friend. I had to respectfully suggest that they look more closely. But then they weren't sure how to react, since it's not, at least obviously, anti-Trump. So they mumbled something and turned away, and I left them to think about it . .   .

If they're that confused by the hat, what will they make of a Socialist Traitor sweatshirt? Take it literally? Can I expect the NH Klan at my door? Do Klansmen (and women) wear their MAGA hats under their hoods?


I hadn't seen that, Helen. I'll query my ex-pat friend in London, she if she's familiar with it. I agree with every British word of it, but if I were speaking to Nate I'd have to say, "Yeah, well, what about Henry VIII, huh? Not a whole lotta class there!" Gotta stand up for 'Murica, don't you know?"

For those who need a Henry VIII spousal fate memnonic:

"King Henry the Eighth to six wives he was wedded.

One died,

One survived,

Two divorced,

Two beheaded."

02/20/19 08:33 PM #7843    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack, what a lovely spot and I like the variations you are getting taking there and they are very lovely. That's funny how people are coming over thinking at first you are a MAGA Trump follower and then they sound a bit baffled. Maybe they think your hat represents the fake news that lies all the time according to el Trumpo....well, its a nice hat you are wearing.... Love, Joanie

02/20/19 10:33 PM #7844    

Jay Shackford

Helen -- Thanks for going across the pond to bring us Nate's magnificent, masterful description of Trump. Great find and thanks for sharing it with us.   

02/21/19 05:54 AM #7845    


Jack Mallory

Obviously mentally ill, but not so crazy he can't understand the targeting suggestions the President is providing—perhaps one of the “very fine” white nationalists he complimented in Charlottesville.

“plotting to kill a long list of prominent journalists and Democratic politicians, as well as professors, judges and what he called “leftists in general,” most/all Trump critics.

Oh, and he included “traitors,” of course.



Will POTUS take time away from the National Emergency, speak out against political violence, and call for sensible gun control legislation? 

Maybe we need Kevlar sweatshirts.

02/21/19 01:20 PM #7846    


Jack Mallory

Eagle in the snow pic makes shoveling worth it!

02/22/19 05:03 PM #7847    


Jack Mallory

Coming home from the VA I stopped at the nest, only got one photo and off it flew. Just a peek at it, as it peeked at me. Then I went back a few hours later: as I was headed south on the highway toward the nest the eagle flew north directly over my car at about 20 feet, almost as if it were thumbing its beak at me. 

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