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02/20/18 05:52 PM #5553    


Robert Hall

In reference to Nori's question about Baltimore's shootings it should be pointed out that over 40% of the guns used to commit crimes there came from other states with NO limit on the number of guns that can be purchased--to include assault weapons like the AR-15 and other semiautomatic weapons.
Google "source of weapons used in crime." to get an overview of the impact on crime that out of state firearms cause.

02/20/18 08:07 PM #5554    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Robert, clarify please: So, in Baltimore, 60% of the 343 homicides in 2017 were committed by people with in-state weapons which did not include AR-15’s? Were they all knives & handguns? And what percent of the 40% out-of-state weapons were AR-15’s? 

02/20/18 09:55 PM #5555    


Robert Hall

Reread my post Nori and Google the subject and you should be able understand my post--I'm not arguing with you. I'm responding to your comment about crime in Baltimore with more information to help you widen your perspective.

02/20/18 10:40 PM #5556    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

No prob. No argument. I was curious about the breakdowns & found several sites with similar wording but wasn’t sure to which site you were referring. I did find some rather generic charts but nothing which pinpointed my concerns. No biggie! 

Suffice it to say we will (& should be) inundated with charts about everything that shoots, stabs & explodes soon enough. 

Good news: bye bye bump stocks! πŸ‘Š


02/21/18 09:04 AM #5557    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Remembering the great Billy Graham & his everlasting message of love today, as we bid him farewell. Can’t imagine the number of lives he changed in his full & productive life. Bring on the tributes! Bishop Sheen, Billy Graham, Martin Luther King Jr.. Talk about sermons! Ya done good, guys. πŸ‘

02/22/18 01:13 PM #5558    

Wolfgang Voegeli

Hi Nori,
Trumps response to the mass killing in Florida is as fake as most of his responses to social problems. Criminology knows since ages that gun control works. Just take a look at Wikipedia's list countries with respect to deaths by guns. No other civilized country has such a high homicide rate as the US. No other country has that many guns per capita. If you combine that with the fact that in some states of the US psychopaths have uncontrolled access not only to fire arms but to assault weapons you can explain to yourself why in Great Britain much fewer people are  victims of a homicide committed by guns. Indeed, it is also a question of values. If people take the sermon of the mount seriously they would cherish social protection of the poor, not being self-assertive, giving whole-heartedly where there is need and also stopping criminals from acquiring the tools with which they commit their deeds. I cannot detect any of these values in the current politics of the US President or of the Republican Majority in Congress.



02/22/18 02:29 PM #5559    


Janet Lowry (Deal)

Well said, Wolfgang. Thank you for that. It's always good to hear from you.

02/22/18 09:39 PM #5560    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Hi Wolfgang! 

How nice of you to join our voices. I gladly welcome the opportunity to respond to your comments! 

Am not sure exactly what your definition of gun control is, but certainly part of the definition would be making possible changes such as (1) ending the availability of bump stocks, (2) raising the legal age of those seeking gun purchases, (3) tightening background checks to include mental health histories, (4) improving information gathering between agencies (most particularly the FBI & state law enforcement agencies), (5) more uniform conduction of gun drills in schools, (6) the guarding of schools by trained personnel in order to protect our children at least to the extent as we protect money in our banks & (7) possible TSA type mechanisms installed at school entrances. Seemingly, these proposed actions are on Trump’s radar. Though there is a long way to go in ways unique to the US: i.e., juggling our individual rights with our states’ rights, bi-partisan organizations like the NRA & our beloved Constitution, it is a healthy start, if only our legislators will carry the baton. Fortunately or unfortunately, legislation is not in the hands of our Executive Branch. IOW, Trump can conduct but can’t make the orchestra play! 

You are SO right about our country’s unique issues, Wolfgang. But then, no other country is like ours! Where else does one see citizens gather in a leader’s office to discuss & openly expose each & every concern before the country & entire world? 

Glen: did you catch the women’s US Hockey team’s win over Canada last night? Worth every minute, even though it meant hitting the sack at 2:30AM! Nothing like bringing home the GOLD, my friend! 


02/22/18 10:34 PM #5561    


Jerry Morgan


According to ATF statistics the average age of a mass shooter is in their 30's white and male.  Raising the age to 21 would not keep these weapons out of shooters hands.  A total ban is the only way to maximize the removal of guns of this ilk.  The Australian approach is an excellent starting point.  Nora a while back you mentioned about police forces that don't carry weapons.  The bulk of the UK police don't carry sidearms.  They don't have a problem with that.  Why do you think that it is most guns are banned and the citizens have respect for the police.  The reason that the US police don't have that respect is that they only showup when an incident is going down.  NYC lowered their crime rate and improved community cooperation by being COPS (Constables on Patrol) walking the beat.  Teachers with guns go to show the idiocy ot this administration.  Trump is in the pocket of the NRA as is many of our elected officials.  The live report from the CPAC today made me sick.  Our children are in the hands of these morons and their supporters.

02/22/18 10:42 PM #5562    


Jerry Morgan

The IOC is rumored to be set to name Maui as the site of the 2022 winter Olympics.  Citing excellent conditions for the events Maui is definitely in the  running.


02/22/18 10:43 PM #5563    


Jerry Morgan

02/22/18 10:43 PM #5564    


Jerry Morgan

Maui's Snowboarding Team.  USA USA USA...gooooooooooo Maui

02/22/18 10:44 PM #5565    


Jerry Morgan

Maui's Future Ski Team....

02/22/18 10:44 PM #5566    


Jerry Morgan

02/22/18 11:13 PM #5567    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

No, unfortunately raising the legal age is not an answer unto itself. It is only useful in conjunction with other proposals. I believe it is aimed to dissuade distraught teen-agers from shooting teachers & classmates. And, Jerry, arming teachers was not seriously taken, though it was mentioned. There are teachers, however, who have been trained to properly use firearms, some who have served militarily &, if they are qualified & would want to participate in a school concealed weapons program, that is worthy of discussion. That thinking is particularly useful in the short term where schools are seeking protection now. It is an option in scaring off would-be killers, instead of the “gun free” zone system which makes schools such soft targets. There is much to decide & will take time & debate. I’m just glad there is a growing movement to do SOMETHING & I’m sure the forum is too. Getting rid of assault weapons might happen..after all, machine guns were banned way back when & the NRA adjusted. I know you disagree, but I think if anybody can rid us of ARs, it’s Trump because he isn’t big on the NRA. Getting rid of guns altogether will not happen in our lifetime, Jerry, so might as well forget about that. 

If Jamaicans can bobsled, Hawaiians can too! “Gimme an M...M! Gimme an A..A!...” Oh, never mind...😎


02/22/18 11:38 PM #5568    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

I agree with Jerry that assault weapons should be banned altogether. They are not used for hunting and their only purpose is to kill...I heard a report by a radiologist on tv who said that the attacks on the students and adults from these weapons are meant to kill instantly...the velocity of the bullets is like lightening and the organs were blown away.  There is nothing to repair. The victims didn't stand a chance. Why would this even be an issue...why would this even be up for discussion whether to allow such horrific weapons to be readily accessible. They are the weapons of choice in these mass shootings. . There is no contest too between someone carrying an assault weapon and someone with a concealed handgun and for sure we don't want our schools to become battlefields. So many accidents could happen with arming schools like a swat team coming in and mistaking the person with the concealed carry as the perpetrator. A start to making schools safer wold be to ban assault weapons...Love, Joanie

02/23/18 08:42 AM #5569    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

There are good reasons to talk about banning assault weapons. A good debate is hard to come by, however. Am not a proponent of keeping them, either, but I believe there’s an argument that is made that if a person (or household) is attacked by more than one person (like a group or gang) it can be one’s only hope for survival. Apparently, self-defense is one of it’s purposes across the country since they are actually NOT used in war. With growing interest afoot, we will understand more on both sides. That said, so many disturbing elements continue to be uncovered re the Parkland shooting that it makes my head spin! FBI alerted, law enforcement called 39 times in two years, all school cameras were delayed 10 precious minutes, an armed deputy (hired to protect students) stood outside the building unwilling to enter during the shooting & on & on. A perfect storm made this maniac able to destroy these precious lives. But the forum is hell-bent on only talking about the gun. Why? 

02/23/18 08:57 AM #5570    


Glen Hirose

This is the perfect image:

   Related image

Next is the blood n' guts battle for Gold in Curling!

  Image result for us men's olympic curling team


02/23/18 11:30 AM #5571    


Helen Lambie (Goldstein)

Nori, maybe I misunderstood your comment: "Trump isn't big on the NRA" WHAT?? On April 28, 2017 in a speech to the NRA, he said  "You have a true friend and champion in the White House. ... You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you." Doesn't sound like a non-supporter to me. And the Sheriff's deputy who was armed and stood outside the building at Parkland makes a perfect case for why NOT to arm teachers. One can be trained to perform in a certain way, but when push comes to shove, there is no guarantee the person will be able or willing to perform. 

02/23/18 12:12 PM #5572    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Hi, Helen! I THOUGHT my statement might bring you out for a shout! 😎

What I meant was that Trump is not a lifetime member of the NRA, not considered a far right winger & has criticized LaPierre for some of his right-wing decisions. Of course he must speak to them directly quite often since the NRA is a strong voice in his base but whether he makes crucial decisions in lockstep with the NRA is not a given. 

As for any guarantees in life-or-death situations, I think we can all agree there are none. That said, I bet that lovely coach who stood, taking bullet after bullet, wished he’d packed something other than lunch that day. 

02/23/18 12:49 PM #5573    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Maybe it would have been nice if Cruz was never able to get the assault weapon had it been BANNED....so in that sense the coach could have really enjoyed his lunch that day in peace. . Love, Joanie

02/23/18 01:08 PM #5574    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

And that is where we differ. I say Cruz would have found & used another lethal weapon to do what he did, even if he never had the option of an assault weapon. Moreover, the coach would have had the right, at least, to have a handgun & could have used it when he came on to the scene. The only ones without rights, in this case, were the good guys. 

02/24/18 10:04 AM #5575    


Glen Hirose

   Image result for men's curling gold

Got the Gold!

02/24/18 02:39 PM #5576    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Love it! To snatch Gold from the likes of Niklas Edin (Sweden’s skip) is HUGE! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

02/25/18 09:25 AM #5577    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Shout out to the Independents (those who, more times than not, find their comfy levels falling somewhere ‘tween Left & Right) among us: consider the clever radio showman & author Michael Smerconish a good bet to find yourself at home for a change. Saw him on C-Span this morn, touting his new book, “Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right” (great title, eh?). Haven’t read it yet but can recommend him as a bright source of current event discussions, having listened to & learned from, screamed at & sung his praises, for years. Tooling down the highway, give him a listen on SiriusXM the POTUS station. Then share! 

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