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09/17/17 07:21 AM #5007    


Jack Mallory

Premiers tonight. 

09/17/17 11:22 AM #5008    


Glen Hirose


Thanks for reminding me, I plan to record the entire series. All of Ken Burns films have been epochs.

09/17/17 12:31 PM #5009    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Ditto to Glen's words. Looking forward to a stimulating back-&-forth when the time is right. 

Glen, if we can't beat the Rams, we can't beat anybody. 

IOW, go Nats! 😎





09/17/17 01:30 PM #5010    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

So glad to let people know about Elena. I'm glad Paula that you got info too as I know you and many others were worried. I heard too recently that Elena got power back too so that is really good. I don't know about other classmates but I am hoping that they are ok. Paula, enjoy Jamaica. It must be beautiful there. Love, Joanie

09/17/17 07:35 PM #5011    


Nora Skinker (Morton)


09/18/17 08:12 AM #5012    


Jack Mallory

Good, short review of Vietnamese history last night, with important focus on the importance of nationalism vs. communism from the early 20th Century. Could have used more on the centuries of conflict between Vietnam and China to clarify that Vietnam was a natural, Yugoslavia-like potential ally for us in Asia. 



09/18/17 08:14 AM #5013    


Glen Hirose


I'm surprised we beat the Rams, but even more so that we've found a running game.  There are 6 out of 7 tough games ahead of us; I hope Cousins finds his game soon.

At least the Nats salvaged 1 game from the Dodgers. I still have confidence in Dusty's leadership, and apparently so do the players. 

09/18/17 10:22 AM #5014    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

I agree, Glen. Cousins is a better QB than he's shown so far this season. Does he look like a deer in the headlights to you? Does to me. Headgame? 

Bottom line: this is a MUST year for Dusty & the boys. 

Jack, funny you showcased fog. Awoke to thinking I was in Maine on Saturday, as we literally could not see out our windows. Made me recall waking aboard sailboats to mornings in Maine, when we couldn't see the bow from the cockpit for the pea soup. At times we had to tie up to a buoy until it lifted, for fear of a tug or something ramming us. Hearing the engine sounds close by & blinded, too, makes for lots of unease. You experience dense fog like that in NH often? Eerily silent, isn't it? Love those photos. 

09/18/17 10:58 AM #5015    


Glen Hirose


   Related image

It only weighs 26 lbs., and it's foldable! Whata Hoot!



I think Cousins and his new receivers ( it really hurts to lose 3 veteran WR) need a bit more time to get on the same page.  Lets hope it happens by next week against the Raiders.

09/18/17 05:00 PM #5016    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Very cool kayak! But no drink holder? 

09/18/17 09:27 PM #5017    


Jack Mallory


My 'yak weighs only 5 lbs more than that, Glen, but better those 5 lbs than "urethane skin" when I'm dragging it over granite!


3 hours into it. Very impressed by the Vietnamese presence, so rare in most treatments of the war. So far, seems honest and even-handed. And with each episode, the justifications for the war and the deaths of millions seem weaker and weaker. 

09/18/17 10:41 PM #5018    


Jerry Morgan

So do you believe me now.  Hurricanes lining up.  Can't wait for one to clear before the next one hits.  Even Trump's administration is starting to re-consider the Paris Accords.  Hit me over the head with a baseball bat. 

Interior secretary recommends shrinking our National Monuments.  According to a report in Yahoo, the secretary will shrink some and no longer protect others from mining, logging and development.

https://www.yahoo.com/news/interior-secretary-recommends-shrinking-6-070848671.html.  The Trump administration is selling off our treasures.  How can we survive four years of this. 

I watched the first episode of the Viet Nam documentary and it immediately took me back to that time.  As a youngster I read a book on the Battle for Dien Bien Phu  The arrogance of the French, the North's supply methods and who the hell builds your camp in the basin of the valley and not secure the highlands.  Viet Nam isn't it ironic how history repeats itself?  However, I have a conflict on tonight's episode as two of my favorite shows are back to back tonight.  Can't miss the finals of ANW or an episode of Midnight Texas.  Maybe I can get a replay on the VN show or get it on demand but I hope not to miss it entirely.

09/19/17 06:19 AM #5019    


Jack Mallory

Jerry--the Burns series can be streamed, 24/7, on the PBS web site. You can watch all you want, whenever you want! I'm trying not to binge-watch; it's not like a mystery--we know how it ends. 

Vets in my group were fascinated by the intro show. Like most Americans, they have little idea of the history of Vietnam, their attempts to petition for autonomy/independence after WWI, and to get support for independence from the US after WWII. The footage of the Viet Minh hand-hauling artillery up the mountains above Dien Bien Phu demonstrates their will to victory, which is how they repeatedly defeated the Chinese, then the French, then us. 

I think another teaching point in the series is the duplicity of multiple American presidents and their administrations in their secret belief in the futility of the war while driving us further and further into it for political purposes. Lessons to be drawn concerning our current wars? 

An interesting article on the making of the series. I'm hoping for an entire book on the topic! 

I wonder if Nora's nuclear engineer friend owns property and/or lives on the Texas, Louisiana, or southern east coast? We haven't heard anything from him recently.  

Perhaps folks who reject the science behind global warming, sea level rise, increasing hurricane strength, should be advised to just disbelieve the water lapping at their windows, winds tearing at their rooves. 

09/19/17 08:23 AM #5020    


Glen Hirose


I'm sure you meant the Japanese; right?  As for the invisible kayak practical issues aside; it's all about the "Cool".

09/19/17 08:36 AM #5021    


Jack Mallory

Glenn--"Japanese?" Where did I mean Japanese? The Vietnamese repeatedly drove Chinese invaders out , several times ove the  centuries before French occupation, and last fought the Chinese in 1979. The Viet Minh fought the Japanese, but were unable to drive them out prior to the end of WWII. Or am I not understanding what you're referring to?

It is a cool looking kayak, but I'm more into dry than style!


Looks like Donny is having some issues with the size of his hands again, needs to do a little compensating:

09/19/17 10:39 AM #5022    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Again (yawn), the info from "Nora's friend" argued not the point that climate change/global warming existed, but debated how compelling the proof may or may not be, regarding human behaviors' contributions to it (them).  Too, it was my understanding from actually listening to Trump's words, that there were practical reasons why the US should choose to opt out of the Paris Accord. Since then, I saw that members have, indeed, coughed up more of what they have owed to the alliance. That said, there certainly may be a rejuggling of opinions, as a result of this season of storms. With that in mind, you needn't have pointed out such a sad & obvious circumstance to continue to make your political views known, Jack. I think it's pretty clear by now. 

As to the constant gnashing of teeth about "size" of this or that: if a big, fat parade of strength signals anything at all to NK, bring it!! Certainly nothing else has worked. 


09/19/17 11:38 AM #5023    


Jack Mallory

Every day of the year, in a few or in lots of places in the world, people are impacted by climate change. Can we not speak of the necessity to act on this at all, ever, or only when Americans aren't affected?

No one believes that the North Korean leadership is unaware of the magnitude of difference between their military power and ours. I suspect Trump's desire to wave his really long cannons around, or show off his really big rockets, has more to do with distracting attention from his failed domestic agenda (and enhancing his own self image) than with telling the North Koreans something they don't already know. And just a couple of hours ago he threatened to kill 25 million of them. Hope that makes him feel better; not sure it moves us towards a peaceful resolution.

09/19/17 12:11 PM #5024    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Not sure either. But a good old fashioned, international & domestic show of flag-waving patriotism isn't such a bad thing, is it? Particularly in today's political environment? Maybe it's healthy for younger citizens to experience a bit of what we grew up with. No? 

What good points were made in his UN speech today? Any? None? 


09/19/17 12:53 PM #5025    


Jack Mallory

To the degree that our generation grew up with military parades, flag-waving patriotism, and a respect--or worship--of military force, they encouraged our initial, unquestioning march into Vietnam. Burns and Novick are making this clear. 

But what the hey! Vietnam was only several hundred thousand or so dead civilians. Now we're talking 25 MILLION people! Having a president who issues threats like this makes a man proud to be an American! "Every heart beats true 'neath the red, white, and blue . . ." 


09/19/17 03:06 PM #5026    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Unfortunately, tough talk, threatening talk, shows of military might may be the only language our enemies understand. A loftier way to handle other bullies? Do tell. 

09/19/17 05:00 PM #5027    


Jack Mallory

Just finished watching Burns/Novick episode 3. At about a third of the way through the series, it looks like nothing especially new in terms of historical facts (some interesting factoids I hadn't been aware of) or radical differences in historical interpretation from what's been published in the last couple of decades. 

This segment covers the earliest (1965) heavy fighting between American troops and NVA/VC main force units. I don't think anyone, regardless of their position on the rightness/wrongness of the war, can complain about the respect the series shows to the fighters on both sides. This may be a chance for American and Vietnamese veterans both (the documentary is being shown in Vietnam, either dubbed or with subtitles), to see the others as humans with the same experiences. We have a lot in common with each other than we don't share with those, on either side, who didn't fight. 

09/20/17 10:49 AM #5028    


Glen Hirose


So shouid we include the British instead?  

​   Image result for fish and chips



09/20/17 12:26 PM #5029    


Jack Mallory

Sorry, Glen, not following. What are we including the Brits in?


BTW: when was the last time somebody said to you, "Hey a great new British restaurant just opened! Let's go for dinner?"

09/20/17 03:35 PM #5030    


Glen Hirose


After World War II—from 1945 to 1946—was a brief but important conflict that grew out of the British occupation landing at Saigon to receive the surrender of Japanese forces.


Authentic British food

I have been interested in food and cooking since I was a kid. 

My Mum always made it a point to make her four kids homemade meals using the freshest ingredients.  Here I use all my Mum's recipes, I make this food the same way she made it, from scratch, in our kitchen at home in England. I will always insist on using the finest freshest ingredients in crafting these homemade meals and I hope it shows on your plate. 

I want you to get your meal hot and we will serve it to you the minute its been cooked.

If you don’t see your favorite British food on the menu please ask for it. Maybe I want it too! 

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated here. Enjoy the Food and Drink and thanks for visiting with us.

Mike Stone, owner


Scotch Eggs

09/20/17 04:33 PM #5031    


Jack Mallory

OK, that's what I thought you meant about the Brits. Most folks are unaware of their little part in the transition from Japanese to French control at the end of WWII. Only lasted a couple of months--British troops briefly installed in southern Indochina, almost entirely Saigon, to control things until the Japanese troops could be disarmed (in September 1945--Chicom troops controlled the north). The British general pretty quickly turned things over to the French legionaires they released from Japanese internment, armed them with the weapons the US had given the Brits, then shipped more French troops into Indochina and beat feet out of town--they, of course, still had India to deal with!

The Vietnamese don't even include this as a separate part of the war against the French--no mention of it in the War Remnants Museum or any of the other history museum we visited. Just a hiccup on their way to independence. The British were among the most of the rest of the world that opposed the US war in Vietnam; I think that may be one reason their part at the end of WWII has been elided. 


One of the few truly "British" meals we ate in London. Sunday Roast, a decent enough roast of beef. Did fish and chips once, but otherwise stayed with the great variety of foods of other ethnicities. 

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