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08/20/19 06:42 AM #9192    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Thanks Glen so much for planning to go to the art show with Jane and Lilly. That is so nice. Love, Joanie

08/20/19 08:29 AM #9193    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Glad the granny piece could bring such awareness to all of us. And, though I thought some were a stretch, I had no idea how far off some were. Guess our generation didn’t see as much afterall. Our poor moms who couldn’t get clothes dryers for more than 50 years after they were invented! Bummer.

Best of luck with your show, Joanie. 

Now for another “truth” for you to check out, guys: 


08/20/19 09:30 AM #9194    


Glen Hirose

   Natz have scored 62 runs in the last 5 games!

   Washington Nationals v Pittsburgh Pirates

    and Max is due back on Thursday...

08/20/19 12:00 PM #9195    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Thanks for the congratulations Nori. Love, Joanie

08/20/19 06:29 PM #9196    


Jack Mallory

“Guess our generation didn’t see as much afterall.”

We saw stunning events, accomplishments, changes for better and for worse. By many, perhaps most, measures of human well-being we have seen the world become a better place during our generation. But to truly understand that—and to try and continue that trajectory—we have to understand the reality of what was and what is; some folks, like gramma, are more comfortable in their imagined worlds of past and present than in the complexities of actual life. 

This is just out (loaded on the iPad), and looks like an interesting attempt to further our progress by looking at the difference between not being a racist (“I don’t have a racist bone in my body”) and being an anti-racist. More when I’ve started reading it.



08/21/19 02:13 AM #9197    


Jerry Morgan

My wife says Lobster is an excuse to eat butter. Did anyone other than me see the memorial for the demise of the first glacier on Iceland. It went from a full blown glacier to a rocky hill in gramma's time. The rest of Iceland's glaciers will follow if nothing is done. The photos I saw must be fake news. I won't bother to go to the trouble of posting it because the one person on this forum who needs it won't believe it anyway.

08/21/19 02:18 AM #9198    


Jerry Morgan

Happy 50th Glen. I've got a ways to go to get there. I got about 5 to go.

08/21/19 04:59 AM #9199    


Jerry Morgan

Congrats Joanie for the show. Glad to see that your art is being shown allowing other people to enjoy your talent.

Hey just one thing, though I thought you were a vegan. For some reason that popped up in my memory banks which are a little clouded these days. Don't know what gave me that idea but I thought when we had dinner you went for the vegan menu. Goes to show you what all that brain radiation does to a person.

08/21/19 05:05 AM #9200    


Jerry Morgan

Just as I expected. The naysayers are already coming up with alternative science to convince people that climate has nothing to do with the glacier demise. No surprise there.

08/21/19 08:25 AM #9201    


Jack Mallory

And we can add Jews to the list of socialist traitor enemies of the people. Jeez, this is starting to sound familiar.


08/21/19 06:18 PM #9202    


Glen Hirose

   Thanks Jerry,

   Since you have time to prepare here are a few suggestions that are proven to be successful:


   Image result for yacht Image result for caviar bar belmond grand hotel europe

                                                                             Caviar sampler at the Belmond Grand


  Image result for hotels in monte carlo  Zuma food 

                                                         "Masa" New York City       


08/21/19 07:00 PM #9203    


Stephen Cutler

     Chevy Chase Elementary School ("Rosemary")
Class of 1958 and everyone who would have been

FROM: Jim McConaughy

RE: Rosemary West Mini-Reunion Sept 28, 2019

DATE: Saturday, September 28-29

Oakland/Berkeley Area


Possible excursion to Sacramento. Saturday morning. Carpool to Sacramento (about 90 miles away) to see Shirley if she is available and up for a visit. If Shirley is not up for a visit, we will propose an alternate event for Saturday during the day.

Dinner 6:30 p.m. 


Tour of SFO: Jim Hand will run a tour of San Francisco on Sunday morning.

SEE Red Link on WEBSITE for more details and to sign up. No need to commit any funds at this point.  Please indicate your intentions by September 21 at the latest, but earlier would be much better.  


08/21/19 11:52 PM #9204    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Hi Jerry, Thanks for the nice congratulations. As for the eating preferences, I like most everythng. Lately, I am so loving fruit like watermelon, cherries, oranges, mangoes, etc. Anyway, take care and it was great to see you for dinner when you were in town. Love. Joanie

08/22/19 08:04 PM #9205    


Jack Mallory

08/22/19 09:13 PM #9206    


Robert Hall

Beat me to it again Jack.

08/23/19 09:36 AM #9207    


Jack Mallory

Doonesbury's not the piece of my life it once was, Robert, but sometimes Trudeau still nails it. I'll admit I get my facts from the digital NYT—I was never very good at folding the paper version, and I don’t get ink on my fingers now. 

Speaking of the NYT—have you been following it's 1619 Project on the 400th Anniversary of the origins of slavery, and its continuing impact on American society? 


08/23/19 10:32 AM #9208    


Jack Mallory


If you can't say anything good . . . 

OK. Silence.

08/23/19 10:50 AM #9209    


Glen Hirose


I'm afraid Pogo is my generation; he had that suave sophisticated demeanor, extraordinary martial arts skills, and the knack of picking just the right wines for every cuisine

   Image result for yep son we have met the enemy and he is us


Walt you deserve a second one of these...

   Related image

   Katz's Deli

08/23/19 10:58 AM #9210    


Glen Hirose

   He's Back...

   Image result for max scherzer wensday vs. pirates

08/23/19 12:46 PM #9211    

Jay Shackford

August 23, 2019

Old Bone Spurs’ daily helicopter rants reflect a President unraveling at such an alarming pace that it should be sending psychiatric workers in the White House scampering for the tranquillizers and strait-jackets.  What we are witnessing today is not normal, even by Trump’s bizarre standards.   But his behavior is not new.  It’s been right in front of us since Day One when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 to announce his candidacy, which was really a branding campaign for his company and to promote his personal ratings in hopes of reviving the next generation of “The Apprentice” on NBC.  At that time, the last thing on the mind of “The Chosen One” was becoming the 45thPresident of the United States. 

In fact, Trump reminds me of that zit-faced 12-year-old (with a soft body who couldn’t throw or take a punch) straddling his bike at the top of his cul-de-sac and bragging to his buddies about how he was the toughest dude on the block.  In his next breath, he was planning the theft of one of his neighbor’s cars for a joyride around Jamaica that night and ordering one of his buddies to hot wire the car and meet the rest of the gang down the street.  

After numerous joyrides and several visits from the local precinct captain, Big Daddy Fred brought that to an end, sending Donald to military school (the last step before Reform School) to straighten him out.  To everyone’s surprise, Trump liked military school and all the discipline and structure that went with it.  It was here where he perfected the art of bullying his classmates and throwing his weight and money around without ever landing a punch, shining his own shoes or making his own bed.  He ruled the barracks like a Mafia boss.  

Not much has changed over the past 58 years.  He is still the same lying, narcissistic, racist, impulsive and raving lunatic that ruled the barracks decades ago.  What’s changed are the stakes.  As the world’s most powerful leader, he can jail babies at the border, send the world economy into recession with his crazy tariffs and on-again, off-again foreign policy blunders or simply pull the trigger and start a new war to rally support among his base as his job approval numbers continue to slip (62% of Americans now disapprove of his job performance, lowest ever).  

In some respects, I’m like Jack – exhausted by the ongoing Trump saga of daily controversies, constant lying (12,000 false or misleading statements since his inaugural) and cruel, racist and hateful policies being pursued by a President who is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified for the office he holds.  But like an old golfer who gets dehydrated playing in 90 degree plus heat, we all need to check in at the local emergency room, get hooked up to an IV of saline solution and come out of ER fighting mad.  

As I’ve said many times before, our President is “bat-shit crazy.”  He’s melting down and getting more and more desperate and dangerous as his poll numbers continue to decline.  It’s now time to end this national nightmare by soundly defeating Trump in 2020 or driving him out of office through the impeachment process.  

Joanie -- is the exhibit open next week?  




08/23/19 01:34 PM #9212    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Yes the art show is on during weekdays thru sept.13. the hours are 9-4:30pm every weekday but on Thurs. It's open 9-9pm. I have 37 paintings in the show in conf. Rms. 5 and 6 and a very large seascape in room 2 plus two small ones there. It's at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville. Jay if you get a chance to go, thank you so much. Love joanie

08/23/19 03:19 PM #9213    


Jack Mallory

Jay, you missed the most recent delusional symptom. Trump, the head of the party which if it stands for anything anymore (?) is a bastion of resistance to high-handed, big-government interference in the free market, has issued this decree: 

"Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.”

Trump evidently believes “hereby” is a magic word that endows him with the power to “ORDER” things the Constitution does not permit. Imagine the howling from the right, even here in the forum, perhaps even from imaginary participants, if Obama or Clinton had ever claimed a mandate to single-handedly decide where American corporations could do business. But, then, conservatives have pretty much sold their political souls to Trump. 

08/23/19 05:30 PM #9214    

Jay Shackford

Jack -- You are exactly right.  Trump is losing it ... thinking he can order anyone or any company to do anything that jumps into his disoriented mind at any moment, regardless of whether it makes sense, is legal or constitutional.   Another thing -- it seems like years since we've discussed or talked about the Mueller report.  How time flies in Trump space.  

08/23/19 09:17 PM #9215    


Jack Mallory

And while the GOP and self-identified conservative independents sit blind and silent, Trump's budget deficit and national debt continue to balloon. Between Trump's spending and tax cuts, the deficit is about to hit $1 TRILLION. Trump campaigned on a promise to ELIMINATE the national debt in eight years, but it's on track to reach almost $30 TRILLION dollars over that time (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/21/us/politics/deficit-will-reach-1-trillion-next-year-budget-office-predicts.html?smid=nytcore-ios-sharehttps://www.thebalance.com/trump-plans-to-reduce-national-debt-4114401). 

Looks like the right position on guns, abortion, and corporate profits buys a lot of blind silence, eh Jay?

08/24/19 08:08 AM #9216    


Jack Mallory

Dr. Trump prescribes “a lot of” party-drug derivative of uncertain usefulness and safety for use in treating suicidal depression among his patients at the VA.  


Fortunately, real docs at the VA have no intention of following the President's medical advice. As the article stresses:

“Preventing the onset and escalation of depression in high-risk groups . . . involves building community and connection—creating and maintaining healthy avenues for veterans to process trauma, reintegrate into the often directionless maw of civilian life, and recalibrate a sense of purpose and belonging. Putting great hope in a nasal spray—as anything more than an emergency last resort in extreme cases—is to overlook the fundamental complexity of depression, and to miss the root causes of the disease.”

Is Trump concerned with what's best for vets, or what's best for Johnson and Johnson?





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