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02/15/20 07:53 PM #10788    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Jack you have guns. Will you do us the honor?


02/15/20 08:04 PM #10789    


Jack Mallory

There's going to be tons of bullshit spread in the next 10 months. How about we agree on the Forum not to spread any stories that we can't/won't provide source citations for, that others could use to check the their accuracy? Doesn't mean people can't spread untruths, just that they have to facilitate fact checking. 


02/15/20 08:27 PM #10790    


Helen Lambie (Goldstein)

Nori, if you are going to post rumors from the Drudge Report, be aware what mediabiasfact-check.com says about them, if you care, that is

  • Overall, we rate the Drudge Report Right Biased and Questionable due to promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories, as well as for publishing fake news and the use of highly questionable sources.

02/15/20 09:20 PM #10791    


Jack Mallory

Oh, the Drudge Report! No wonder--font of such conspiracy theories as the birtherism, pizzagate, and the Seth Rich murder. Great, the Forum can be Drudge regurgitated. 

02/15/20 10:52 PM #10792    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Ah, ye olde forum rule change: "no one can say "I heard that...."....no one can share a rumor even if it's deemed a rumor in a post. Too funny! 

Btw, got that scary tidbit from Yahoo news on my iPhone this morning. Did someone assume I got it elsewhere? Imagine that. 
Jack, if you come gunning for me, don't look in DE. I'm in Florida til April. 


02/16/20 07:42 AM #10793    


Jack Mallory

Just an attempt at a mutual agreement to avoid the inaccuracies, exaggerations and lies that are already coming our way, or at the very least facilitate fact checking. No way of enforcing it, so feel free to continue throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks. 

Don't worry. I'm damned if I'm going to search through all the other old Trumpers in Fl looking for you. 


This is a screening exam used as an initial detector for TBI. 

The Cognitive Exam sections are very similar to the exam I'm given every year as part of the VA Biorepository Brain Bank project, doing research on VETS with ALS,  Gulf War Syndrome, or PTSD. When I'm done with my brain, they'll come and get it. At least I hope they'll wait until I'm done.

Take a look at those Cognitive sections--better yet, have someone give them to you. Just what us old farts need as a reminder that our cognitive functions are fading away. I've taken the exam for about five years, now; they don't score it (or at least they don't TELL you they're scoring it, but you know they do). As an old academic and competitive test taker, I feel like I'm getting graded every time I take it. It feels just like taking SATs or GREs. 

Now, why did I come upstairs?

02/16/20 08:03 AM #10794    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

I hear ya, Jack. Kinda like I feel when I post: graded & degraded. But, hey, am just relieved to know you won't be packing heat & heading to the Florida sun anytime soon.
Aside to Joanie: I know you like Biden but, after his silly scolding of Bernie, I think it's over for old Joe. Who's your second favorite? 
Aside to Glen: damn that Raanta! 698 & holding! 

02/16/20 08:08 AM #10795    


Jack Mallory

I find that being as honest and accurate as possible, providing facts and sources, is actually pretty easy and not at all stressful. Much simpler than remembering words backwards! 

02/16/20 08:28 AM #10796    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

A fact: 

02/16/20 11:07 AM #10797    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

I didn't hear about the silly scolding of Bernie. I haven't decided who to support yet if Biden isn't able to stay in. Love, joanie

02/16/20 11:15 AM #10798    


Jack Mallory

Not a meme, not a rumor. A fact. 



Not a fact because it says it in a meme. 


I guess Bernie wasn't thinking about running for President in 1988. If he's the candidate, the red-baiting will be deafening.





02/16/20 11:26 AM #10799    


Glen Hirose

Missed the Caps' game we went out to Trattoria-Sorrento. I was on a test run for my new hearing aids; still could not make out conversation very well, but did notice improvement in the Shrimp Capellini. I'm aware tweaking is necessary; next time I hope they add a low-acid wine to the sauce. 

   Image result for shrimp in tomato sauce over capellini

   Hands down still the best Italian restaurant in B-Town.

02/16/20 12:10 PM #10800    


Jack Mallory

We don't really want rumor/meme wars on the Forum, do we? Folks can go to Reddit for that. 

Well, this would be demonstrably false. Trump reading a book?

02/16/20 08:17 PM #10801    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

No memes? You mean I really DON'T get winded when I change the fitted sheets? Whew. That's a relief. Hmm, I could have sworn I was going to have to pay for opting out of Obamacare & that each Dem candidate raised his/her hand in the first debate signaling they were in for free healthcare for illegals. Oh, well. Guess they've caught enough grief from their voting blocks out on the trail to alter their initial intentions. 
Why should Barr resign? Fired, maybe. But resign?  I thought the AG was chosen & served "at the pleasure of the president"? That's changed too? I can't keep up. 
Glen, you're really killing me, kid. I swear I gain a pound every time you serve up a dish on the forum. (Yeah, I know. That's a lie, too). 
And, the Caps need your support: our leading edge is (unlike me) getting slimmer & slimmer. Record it when you dine out & FF through all the commercials later on. 
Joanie, Klobuchar might be worth your attention. She welcomes pro-lifers & gives interviews to Right leaning media types. Claims to be moderate, doesn't sound hyper-hysterical & has experience. Best of all, she has a sense of humor! 
Another fact:


02/16/20 08:54 PM #10802    


Jack Mallory

"Why should Barr resign?"

Their answer to your question comes from over a thousand former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials. Or are they part of your imaginary back channel overthrow effort? Or is their letter longer and more complicated than a meme, and therefore not worth looking at? Seems to express the answer pretty directly, if you read it. 

02/17/20 06:13 AM #10803    


Jack Mallory

Why should Department of Justice personnel, and Americans in general, be suspicious of political intrusion into DOJ operations? 


Our generation has lived through decades of attacks on citizens' 1st Amendment freedoms by the DOJ in the form of FBI surveillance and undercover attacks on their political activities. From labor organizers to civil rights activists to anti-war protestors, from Woody Guthrie to Eleanor Roosevelt to Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Art Buchwald, Barry Goldwater and Jane Fonda; all investigated not for bank robbery or espionage or terrorism but because of their opinions. And not just famous people but everyday folks with everyday opinions like you and me. 

The FBI "supplied political leaders and the media with information from secret files to fight movements spawned by civil rights, trade union, and anti-war groups. The bureau tried to weaken and silence political entities it disliked, restricting the free expression of ideas and taking a leading role in promoting anticommunism . . . Overall, the bureau admitted to about 2,300 covert disruptive acts conducted against Americans, including initiating warrantless break-ins, mailing anonymous and forged letters, spreading misinformation, and disrupting the growth of organizations. In a few cases, the FBI helped to falsely arrest subjects." https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/803/federal-bureau-of-investigation

The DOJ has the potential to threaten our political system far more than any form of foreign interference. A salute to those loyal Americans within the DOJ, past and present, who resist that threat. 

And our old fogie generation should know and remember this better than many Americans, and make our knowledge known. 

02/17/20 10:39 AM #10804    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Barr should be fired but he won't because Trump loves having his "own Roy Cohn." Barr has made it 100% clear that he is the President's Attorney, not the United States of America Attorney. He has authorized investigations into the investigators of the Russian attack on our election and he has done the unheard of thing of interfering in Prosecutors recomendations for sentencing of Stone and Flynn...why pick them and not others that he could think are under too strick sentencing....because he is focused on doing the Trump's bidding. His tiny push back on TV about Trump's tweets are because it looks too  much like he is corrupt and following Trump who is corrupt...that is the truth. Love, Joanie

02/17/20 10:45 AM #10805    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Here is an article to back up my position by a multitude of ex justice department officials. . Love, Joanie


02/17/20 08:44 PM #10806    


Jack Mallory

There are now more than 2000 former Department of Justice officials and federal prosecutors who have signed the letter calling on Barr to retire for "openly and repeatedly" flouting the "fundamental principle" of equal justice under law.

The leadership of the more than 1000 member Federal Judges Association meets in emergency session tomorrow to consider a response to Barr's interventions in politically sensitive cases. 

3000+ Deep State leftists hell-bent on the back channel overthrow of the government? Or patriotic government employees who see a threat to our Constitutional system under Trump and Barr? 

02/17/20 09:45 PM #10807    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman was in a horrendous crash today on the last lap of the Daytona 500. He was leading the pack when he lost control, his car went airborne & landed on its top where it skidded, in flames, down the speedway. Some of my family members were in happy attendance until that horrific event took place in front of them. A somber, sobering reminder of the dangerous nature of this wildly popular sport. Seeing the crash footage, it would take a miracle...

Politics can wait another day. 



02/18/20 09:17 AM #10808    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Good news that Newman is reported to be in stable but serious condition. A testament to NASCAR's safety technology &, of course, the grace of God. Anybody who follows knows that since Dale, the cars have been amazing. (But then, so have the team maneuverings. Felt bad yesterday when Gibbs & Hamlin over-celebrated the win, unaware of the severity of Newman's accident). Ironically, Newman has been a loud voice in criticizing the safety of the cars for the last decade or so. At 42 & after a successful career, Newman should take this as a sign to retire & be a living, breathing dad to his two young daughters. MHO. 

What's your Caps take, Glen? Nervous Nori needs to know. 

As for deep-state leftists: they seem more interested in getting rid of Bernie Sanders than anything else these days. 
So, what do you guys think of Bloomberg? I think it would be a real shooting match to see him & Trump go at it. I can see the billboard now: Big Apple Billionaire Bullies Fight for Turf! Yehaw! 

02/18/20 11:08 AM #10809    


Glen Hirose


There are 82 games in the season, and the Caps are right there with the best. I'm counting on them to get over this slight glitch, and show us the play off stuff of last year.

   Image result for corned beef and cabbage and beer

    In the mean time to lighten the spirits and strengthen your resolve...


02/18/20 02:58 PM #10810    


Jack Mallory

It's a good day to be a friend of IMPOTUS and/or a white collar criminal. Preparing the audience for the Stone pardon or commutation?


Not a great day to be an eagle, though. It's not all soaring around in the sunshine.

02/18/20 03:22 PM #10811    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

I wonder how supporters of Trump can reallly think its ok that Trump says he will try to throw out all cases prosecuted by Mueller....I guess many loyal Trump supporters are ok with this too as they buy into the smears against Mueller and welcome the hate filled revenge of Trump....Love, Joanie


02/18/20 04:47 PM #10812    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Trump continues his vendetta, his revenge tour. People prosecuted by Comey's friend. Pat Fitzgerald for example or just highly corrupt people that Trump relates to are getting pardons. Stand by for the Stone pardon
Now he commuted the sentence of Rob Blagojevich, who tried to sell Obama's Senate seat. Finally Trump is bipartisan. He likes corrupt Dems and corrupt Republicans. Love joanie

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