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05/19/18 03:59 PM #5858    


Jack Mallory

Nori—don't dilute your well-done sleazy innuendo by dissimulating. Of course you were trying to connect Mueller and other veterans with McVeigh. You worked hard at it: an oath of enlistment, service record, and medals, then jumped right to mass murders. Pretty much connects most of us vets with the potential to do horrendous things. You know how we are. 

Ken Starr? What does he have to do with this? Is he a vet? Implicated somehow in Russian election interference? Are you suggesting he was on a witch hunt? I wouldn't have said so; his investigation produced very tangible results, as Mueller's has and may continue to do.

05/19/18 07:16 PM #5859    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Nope. Not buying it, my friend. I made the point that stellar records of service do not necessarily mean that people are incapable of committing crimes. Period. Anything beyond that point is a leap. An unfair one at that. 

Glen, the Caps have outshot Tampa 76 to 46. Six of Tampa’s 12 goals came from power plays. Tonight’s mantra: no penalties!  Go Caps!! 


05/19/18 08:04 PM #5860    


Jack Mallory

The point to the article and my comments were that Mueller is a man who has spent his career serving the Constitution and his country, and therefore seems unlikely to be engaged in behavior attacking either. You responded by raising the possibility (“One never knows”) that he, a veteran like McVeigh, could commit mass murder, “a vicious terror attack on our country.” 

If you refuse to see any difference between Robert Mueller's life and values and those of Timothy McVeigh, there's no point in continuing this. 

05/19/18 09:27 PM #5861    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Since I never indicated in any way that I thought Mueller could be a murderer, your point is moot. What I DO know is that political operatives have been known to think that an end justifies the means &, for all you & I know, Mueller could think (like you) the country should be rid of Trump & will stop at nothing to get him out. My skepticism comes from a lifetime of following politics & the dirty tricks that accompany them. Remember, even the Watergate burglars thought they were serving their country! With a media obviously chomping to oust this Prez, there is far more pressure on Mueller & his team than Ken Starr ever knew. The media loved Clinton. Trump, not so much. Just sayin’. 

Back to the game & (hopefully) a huge comeback for the visiting team in the last period! 🙏

05/20/18 08:16 AM #5862    


Glen Hirose

   Image result for bird of peace picasso

05/20/18 10:00 AM #5863    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Ha! Dream on, Glen. There can be no peace, on or off the ice. 

Ps. Well, HE started it! And should know better than to mess with an angry Caps fan. 😉

05/20/18 03:03 PM #5864    


Jack Mallory

Doves are so formulaic—and boring. How about a peace porcupine? The perfectly peaceful weapons system. Has 0 offensive capability, Can do absolutely no harm unless you fuck with it. 

05/20/18 07:20 PM #5865    


Glen Hirose

   Image result for aaugh charlie brown





05/21/18 12:09 PM #5866    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Do or die!🤞

05/21/18 03:11 PM #5867    


Glen Hirose


At this point I'm Just hoping for a game 7...



Today I took Jane and granddaughter (Lily) to the Rockville Art League Exhibition, and I'm glad I did.  It was important to see your work in person; there is so much more to feel when you are standing in front of the real painting.  Mr. Motovich would be so happy to see your success in the one thing that gave his life meaning.

05/21/18 10:57 PM #5868    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Bring it!!

05/22/18 06:40 AM #5869    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Glen, thank you so much for going to the show and bringing Jane and Lily....thank you for your wonderful comments about seeing the artwork in person and about Mr. Motovich. I loved Mr. Motovich. He was such a gentle dear man and a wonderful art teacher....well, I appreciate greatly that you went over. I'll let you know when I have a solo show sometime.  Take care..Love, Joanie

05/22/18 07:55 AM #5870    


Jack Mallory

As I age, my brain needs all the help it can get in remembering complex information (like where my car keys are). Here is a very brief, simple summary of the facts regarding interference in the 2016 election, and the legal ramifications. 







“First the facts: There was a sophisticated, multiyear conspiracy by Russian government officials and agents, working under direct orders from President Vladimir Putin, to interfere in the 2016 presidential election in support of Donald Trump. The American law enforcement and intelligence communities warned the Trump campaign and asked it to report anything suspicious. The campaign didn’t do this. To the contrary, at least seven Trump campaign officials met with Russians or people linked to Russia, and several seemed eager to accept their help. As the F.B.I. became aware of these contacts, it began to investigate. And yet the bureau went to great lengths to shield this investigation from becoming public before the election, even as James Comey, then the F.B.I. director, spoke openly about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“These facts aren’t disputed. The intelligence community confirmed Russia’s efforts on Mr. Trump’s behalf in January 2017, and last week Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he saw “no reason to dispute” those findings.


”What about the law? It is a federal crime to lie to federal authorities, obstruct justice, launder money, fail to register as a foreign agent and conspire with a foreign power to influence the outcome of an election. Top officials in Mr. Trump’s campaign and administration have already been indicted on or pleaded guilty to some of these charges. This is just the start; the special counsel, Robert Mueller, appears to have gathered a great deal more evidence with the help of cooperating witnesses.”


These are facts that we need to know, as informed citizens of a democracy. And we also need to know that no one is above the law. The original article* contains links (the underlined phrases) to the evidence behind each assertion.


Hope this is useful to any similarly complex-memory challenged age-mates! 




05/22/18 09:57 AM #5871    


Glen Hirose


Can't solve the other issue, but this may help with the keys...

   Image result for rinex key locator


Sorry I totally misspelled Mr. Motovich’s name, but I did go back and correct the error. You mentioned having a personal exhibit of your art, and yes I would love to know when that occurs. By the way did you know that Mr. Motovich had a One Man Show at the Chicago Museum of Art, and that one of the displayed works was a sepia wash of an old man that was actually done in instant coffee?



The Caps have their chance for redemption; game 7 at home. Will they show their true mettle?

05/22/18 11:56 AM #5872    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Oh, Glen, thank you for sharing that information about Mr. Motovich. I would have loved to see any work he did and I didn't know he had that exhibit in Chicago. . I will never forget him. There was something so extra special about him. I will let you know of any shows I have. I am very touched that you would want to come to a show. Love, Joanie

05/22/18 01:05 PM #5873    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack thank you for the good pointers you made and the article. It really reasonates with me. We are so close to a Constitutional crisis....Love, Joanie

05/22/18 05:37 PM #5874    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

And what will you be serving for the “blood bath” in Tampa tomorrow night, Glen? Or are you bowling? 

Joanie, did you get your creative spark from Mr. M. at BCC? My son had one particular art teacher to whom he attributes his life-time art passion & drive, as well. Several English teachers throughout my school years were huge influences for me, planting seeds of wonder for literature, poetry & creative writing. History was my second love. Those classes collectively saved me from my chronic case of Math misery which tainted just about every report card I ever had to display to my parents (whose eyes, btw, went directly to my Math grade & overlooked whatever good I managed to earn in the humanities arena). I wonder how other classmates would articulate their life-changing influences & what school year (if any) seems to stand out in that regard? Do tell. 

Went with a gaggle of girlfriends to see the flick, “The Book Club” today. Great (& silly!) fun for us ‘more seasoned’ ladies! Do not recommend it for hiding facial laugh lines, however. 

Two disappointing thumbs down for “Let The Sunshine In”, a French film starring one of my faves, Juliette Binoche. Ugh. That was two hours of my life I’ll never get back. Maybe Joan (so into the French culture) can help give it meaning? 

To Jack & the Mueller thang: whatever. I CAN help with the keys, however. Best Christmas present my kids ever bought me: a TILE which locates instantly anything you spend your life looking for. Well, within reason! Great little gizmo. 

GO CAPS!!!!! 

05/22/18 07:33 PM #5875    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Nori, thanks for asking about what was the creative spark. My mother was a creative dynamo and she inspired me so much. . She was a piano teacher for years and she wrote a concerto. She was a wonderful actress in Yale Unity Players, a group in New Haven, even though she never went to college. She wrote a one act play, and started painting at 68 and once got written up as "Maryland's Own Grandma Moses". . When I was little, she let me color on my walls. She had a real "joix de vivre." She was like a star. I took art classes whenever I could in school.  I just always loved color. As for Mr. Motovich, I loved how gentle he was and I remember he went around asking each of us what were are plans for the future creatively. I didn't know what I was going to do. I don't even remember the art classes or what we did, but I just remember him. He was special. Glad you pursued your interests such as acting, etc. That is great. Love, Joanie   P.S. in recent years, I have studied with Walt Bartman from the Yellow Barn Gallery and I feel like I learn so much from him about painting. I remember Mr. Jamison, a drawing teacher  from Maryland who did this moving journal of drawings during the Viet Nam war. Some teachers you never forget. 

05/22/18 08:19 PM #5876    


Jack Mallory

I don't think I ever took an art class at BCC--would it have been a requirement? In fact, the closest I've ever come were "shop" classes like wood and metal working, or ceramics, in junior high school. Everything I made turned out to be an ashtray.

But, as of this afternoon, I have this photo on display in the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. Not exactly keeping up with Joanie--it's hanging in a below-ground exhibit area (I hate to call it a basement), and only for the duration of the Veterans' Writing and Photography presentations (which really means just for a couple of days). And I had to pay to have it framed! But what the hell, you take what recognition you can. 

Tomorrow I'll be presenting the story that the photo accompanies, The Little Girl at my Door, in public for the first time. I posted an early version of it here a couple of months ago. 



Mr. Bryant was my high school mentor. In my yearbook, in a scrawl I have to use my phone magnifying feature to read, he wrote, "I should give you a penetrating character analysis in two lines. Presumed cynic, but the veneer occasionally shows its cracks. Recognizing you as a starry eyed believer in the goodness of man, if not the perfectability of him. Keep up the front." He understood me well.

I've been imagining trying to explain to him an era in which a foreign government could interfere in an American election trying to effect its outcome, and in which numerous high government officials were being indicted for and/or pleading guilty to serious crimes. This might not have shocked him. He would, I think, have been shocked, or simply disbelieving, if told that some citizens responded to these facts with, "Whatever." 

05/22/18 10:07 PM #5877    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Congratulations Jack that your powerful photo is in the Museum and you will present that riviting story to the public. I love that Mr. Bryant wrote those insightful comments in your yearbook. Even back then he knew what you were about. Mr. D. wrote in mine, "stay sweet, polite and real." I liked getting his note. In College, I had a Modern Poetry teacher who said, "its not that you cannot write essays in the A category but its as if you don't want to risk saying too much. Honesty is always risky business." That stuck with me. Love, Joanie

05/23/18 08:39 AM #5878    


Jack Mallory


Honesty as the best policy could have been one of the themes of the Writing Project, Joanie. Being honest with yourself so you could tell frank and honest truths about war to others. Both forms of honesty can be difficult, especially in a public presentation. I had a great VA therapist working me through it, but I still can't tell the little girl's story without choking up. 

Here's a nice abstract piece of driftwood from the other day. Enjoying nature while keeping the little girl away. 


And a chuckle from the FB Your Memories feature from my brief stint as a high school VP:

05/23/18 09:30 AM #5879    


Glen Hirose


I knew it Jack.  Behind that façade of grizzled toughness you project; beats the heart of an artist.  Not just your sensitivity for composition with the camera, but your feel for words; your poetry.



If we are rain free:

  Image result for hamburgers and hotdogs


Otherwise it’s Whole Food's pizza:  

  Image result for pizza

05/23/18 12:07 PM #5880    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Hmmm. And my teachers often expressed that I was flighty & talked too much. Do ya think? 🤓

I rather doubt that Mr. Bryant would be surprised that spying is still going on, or that it’s so commonplace that one might not need to hear all about it without offering new evidence. What might surprise him, however, is that spying has reached a point where a country actually tries to do something about it but sadly, FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES! 

Glen: anything other than crow, will be delicious! 😎

05/23/18 10:48 PM #5881    


Nora Skinker (Morton)


05/23/18 10:53 PM #5882    


Glen Hirose

   50 saves, Sweet!!!

​   Related image

        Oh yea; back-to-back Shut Outs

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