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12/13/18 04:34 PM #7535    


Jack Mallory

Thanks, Joan. I have no idea how the "flowers" form. Some combination of just right temperatures, rise and fall of the river. It's only every few years that they form.

It was classic Trumpism in his attempt to buffalo Pelosi and Schumer, and I was glad to see them give it back. Now he tells us that Mexico WILL (in some inexplicable way) be paying for the wall. If that's true, why the threats to shut the government down? And he tells us the border is ALREADY secure?

Is everybody as confused as I am? Could it just be age? Ours, or his?


Congratulations to the Senate for finding their moral backbones and voting to end our support for the Saudi war in Yemen. Now if they could go help their colleagues in the House find theirs . . .  Trump must find it a bit frightening that there are moral backbones in Congress. God only knows where that could lead . . .

12/13/18 04:45 PM #7536    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Jack, the war in Yeman is so tragic as you have been mentioning. Its heartbreaking...I was so glad the Senate voted that way too. Ryan was terrible to attach discussion of the war to the farm bill...Love, Joanie

12/13/18 09:33 PM #7537    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Gosh, I would have thought Sante Fe's daytime temps in the 50s might feel pretty good next to your NH daytime temps of 30's or so, Jack.  Thanks for correcting me! I was unaware that I even mentioned Florida. But, whatever. And, without a trace of sarcasm, I'm SO glad you are a self-professed REALIST and not a "person who believes our President is motivated by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons". Whew, glad we got that straight. 

As the Left's only suggestion to comprehensive Immigration Reform is sitting down and talking about it and since Congress has been doing nothing BUT that for about 20 years now, am hopeful that this administration stays steadfast in it's insistence on a border wall along with any and all other measures needed to see that caravans do not continue to wreak havoc here or in Mexico. 'Come legally' is the message and if it takes a wall and shutting down about 16% of the government to do it, so be it. It is odd to me that the Dems were onboard to allow $20B+ for the wall and a pathway to DACA citizenship just a few years ago and now won't budge on a mere $5B and DACA pathways. What could have changed? Do ya think it might be because Trump's name is all over it? (That's sarcasm).

As for Pelosi, next to some of the characters who seem to be hell bent on electing leadership based on inborn characteristics (race, sex, nationality) and not achievement or brains, she's looking better and better. Talk about identity politics! Just today I heard a CNN pundit say that no White male should be considered as a Democratic candidate in 2020, when just last week, Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti said the Dem nominee SHOULD be a White male. On top of that, how about MSNBC's Mika Brezinski declaring our Secretary of State is Trump's 'butt boy". Things are getting ugly, my friends. You are so smart to stay alongside the safer, gentler 'old-schoolers', Biden and Pelosi. At least, like the VP, they're groomed to keep their venomous rhetoric close to the vest. 





12/14/18 05:02 AM #7538    


Jack Mallory

The wall will be paid for by Mexico and the border is secure. Trump tells us this, and we can trust the President to mean what he says, right? 

I'm SO glad you are a self-professed REALIST and not a "person who believes our President is motivated by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons"”

Got to read what I write, not what you would like me to write, Nora.

I'm a realist. I know some people behave like Trump and his supporters; they prioritize the wealth of the few over the well-being of the many.”

Off to Santa Barbara!

12/14/18 03:31 PM #7539    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

 Nori, you seize on Brezynski who apologized and said she was dead wrong to say that, but you rarely have much to say about all the hateful language that Trump spews. By far Trump is the leader of this type of awful rhetoric. As for immigration,  there was a bipartisan bill on comprehensive immigration reform Nori put before Trump and he refused to sign it. It was from Republicans and Democrats ..so its not just wanting to talk about it....where is the outrage about the poor little 7 year old girl who came to the border and was put in a detention area with a high fever and got no water or food and died after 8 hours there with nothing to sustain her after having no food and water in the desert. Where was the assessment of this poor child.. The majority of caravan groups are fleeing for their lives..did you hear about the man sent back who was killed and now his daughter is pleading to stay in this country? Our country is supposed to be a refuge for people fleeing for their lives.  As for Pelosi, maybe I misunderstood you but it sounded like you said she had no brains...she is amazing and a caring person trying to help make our country a better place. You may not agree with her policies but she is a decent caring person.  If you find one person who says we can't have a white male for a candidate for President, you seize on it...its the Republican party that lacks diversity. Absolutely the government should not be shut down over the wall. Remember Mexico will pay for it, not us. No walls will solve the problem. We need to get comprehensive immigration reform to discuss border patrols and adding more people to process people coming in to apply for assylum and to create a path to citizenship for the dreamers, etc. Love, Joanie

12/14/18 05:43 PM #7540    


Jack Mallory

Channel Islands, off coast of Ventura.

12/14/18 07:14 PM #7541    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

beautiful photo...thanks for posting it. Love, Joanie

12/14/18 10:52 PM #7542    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Glen: OVIE WAS ON FIRE TONIGHT!!! 22nd Trick!! (Nine more and he'll tie the record). And how 'bout VRANA to sew it up!? GREAT GAME! 

Joanie: i read a brief headline that a little girl had perished in custody at the border, but I await the full medical report before I comment (or blame) in any depth. It's hard to believe she wouldn't have been given water or food. If she were neglected like that, it certainly seems to speak to the argument that we are unable to take good care of these people. It should also signal to the world that it is a very dangerous situation to bring a child into a circumstance like that. As a believer that both of those statements are true, I am afraid that, until our politically motivated Congress seriously tackles our illegal immigration problem, more & more children will suffer similarly. 

Also, didn't you find it a tad odd that Ms. B apologized all over the place to the Gay community but nary a word of regret for her low blow to Pompeo? I still can't believe she said what she said. But, I guess when it comes to hating Trump there are no journalistic boundaries. If this is going to set the broadcast bar, coupled with another election gaining steam, buckle your chin straps, kids! 



12/15/18 08:17 AM #7543    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Nori, thinking twice about coming on the long trek to America isn't an option for many of the migrants as staying means dying in their home country. As I said there are many cases of people deported after trying to apply for assylum only to go to their deaths....You get very defensive over and over again about Trump....It sounds like you are not one of the people who feel this way, but there are many original Trump supporters who are not so happy with his corrupt administration, Flynn, Gates, Papadopalos, Cohen, Manafort and on and on.. etc... and with his disregard for the military, and the evidence that has come out that he tried to conceal affairs so that he could have a better chance of getting elected by paying off women for their silence. Its a violation of campaign finance law. As for this beautiful little girl that died, there are red flags about how it was handled and the investigation will get to the bottom of it. I won't forget her face. Love, Joanie

12/15/18 10:41 AM #7544    


Glen Hirose

Nori, Jay,

Ovie made history! The first back-to-back Hat Tricks in 100 years!  When the score was 5 to 1 I had no idea I’d be watching history. I’m glad Wilson was back to take part in it.  You can be sure the Hurricanes had a much different perspective of the evening’s events as they were being reduced to a Tropical Depression.

  Image result for ovechkin makes history with consecutive hat tricks

Nori help! I'm not finding the Game Day recipes that I was hoping for. Any ideas?

12/15/18 01:32 PM #7545    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Well, as i said before, Joanie, I will try to reserve final judgment on this administration and it's "corruption" until all the evidence is in. Same with the circumstances surrounding the death of that unfortunate little girl. Don't just assume that I am fine with things just because I don't hype it all on the forum. That's like my assuming Bzrezinski's failure to apologize to Pompeo is fine with you, when I know it isn't. Too many times I have been taken in to believe the dark side of political issues only to later realize the larger picture further enlightens and even alters my stance. That said, though I have never had to run from murdering marauders in my country, it's hard to believe I wouldn't take the 'outreached hand' of a safe country like Mexico before I'd put my children in a position into which that child was placed. Afterall, parents and guardians of all these border children have been warned of the dangers and still they insist on risking their childrens' lives. I have yet to fully understand their thinking. Apparently, many children are brought here by those who are not their parents, either, further complicating their sad lives. IOW, cases vary. I don't know the details of this one until an autopsy and full report comes forth and am skeptical that you know the full story either. Even in the best of circumstances kids get sick and die. I just don't know what happened in this case. I do know that you and I are subjected to opinions, conjecture and politically hostile voices on a daily basis, which makes jumping aboard a bandwagon easy to do in such a firestorm of controversy. 

Glen, I doubt if i can help you in the kitchen department since there is no question that you are the forum's consummate culinary king, but i will be happy to email you my homemade chili recipe which still seems to WOW my family this time of year. Let me footnote, however, that my family is very easily wowed when it comes to chow. 

12/15/18 07:44 PM #7546    


Jack Mallory

Another swamp creature slithers away. Where did Trump find these people? 


Santa Fe will have to try hard to beat Barbara's house in Santa Barbara!

12/15/18 08:24 PM #7547    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Nori, there already is evidence of corruption in the Trump Administration but you can wait to see after the Mueller report what you think. Also as for immigrants just coming to Mexico to stay, here is an article that might explain why that isn't so appealing....

https://www.voanews.com/a/migrants-choose-to-stay-in-mexico-despite-risks/4459950.html     Love, Joanie    

12/15/18 10:48 PM #7548    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Its sad too that many like Kirsten Nielson are blaming the people fleeing for their lives for the bad things that happen to them...maybe the Director of Homeland Security has forgotten that its legal to apply for asslym in this country and Trump has closed up the legal entry points in many cases telling the people they can't come in..Now the unaccompani .When they come in they have a bracelet on to identify them so its not like they are running away from the system as some have said. We are supposed to be a country who takes in people oppressed if they have legitimate claims....not close the legal entry point and how tragic to see those photos if ICE finding water in the dessert and dumping out all the water that good samaritans left for the migrants who desperately need water. Love, Joanie   also now we are housing children who are unaccompanied in detention centers, prisons....It was enough that Trump separated parents from children and didn't worry about how to put them back with them but it goes on and on...they are writing numbers on the children's skin like they are identifying them. Love, Joanie

12/16/18 10:41 AM #7549    


Glen Hirose


When you get to Santa Fe you might want to treat yourselves to the Coyote Café.  I don’t think the roof top dining area is open in December, but you can ask.  132 W Water St, Santa Fe, NM 87501.



Ovie takes the edge off the Sabres in the SO…Yes, please send me your recipe.

   Image result for ovie beats the sabres in the shot out

12/16/18 12:26 PM #7550    


Jack Mallory

The Senate has started the process. Call your Congressperson, tell them you’re fine with our bombs continuing to fall, or demand that we stop supporting this dirty war.


12/16/18 06:56 PM #7551    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Jack I wanted to mention again how fascinated I've been with the NYT language quiz. I insisted on all my family taking it since we are from different places. My husband who has no apparent southern accent was told he was from Knoxville which is exactly where he was born. My sons, all three born in Los Angeles were all placed in southern California and one in Los Angeles (I think the use of "freeway" may be the giveaway there). But it's dazzlingly accurate. 

In an unrelated thought, I guess it must just be the overzealous incoming Democrats who have inspired the DOJ to look into the irregularities surrounding this presidency? What about the numerous attorneys general up and down the east coast who are also investigating? All of these Trump entities are being investigated now, without the Democrats having taken over the House.  Nothing to see here. Just routine.

Trump Campaign - Manhattan US attorney's office

Trump Transition Team - Government Accountability Office

Trump Inauguration - Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office

Trump Organization - The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, New York Attorney General's office, Manhattan US attorney's office, Mueller's office, Maryland Attorney General, DC Attorney General, several congressional comittees

Trump Foundation - New York Attorney General's office, The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

Trump White House - FBI/Mueller's office







12/16/18 11:33 PM #7552    


Jack Mallory

Joan—Everybody I know who has done the accent/word use quiz has been amazed by its accuracy. For Kindle fans, there is a $2.99 e-book that fleshes out the issue of regional language: Speaking American: How Y'all, Youse, and You Guys Talk. By Josh Katz, designer of the quiz.


I see Trump is inserting himself into another US Army court martial, completely outside the bounds of his authority and knowledge. Bone Spurs should let those with training and experience administer justice in the military, and not interfere like Nixon did in the My Lai Massacre case. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/16/us/politics/major-matt-golsteyn-trump.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share

12/17/18 08:10 AM #7553    


Glen Hirose

   What a difference 1 game makes...

   Image result for redskins josh johnson's 1st win

   I took the language quiz; Bingo! Washington, DC... Hmm maybe it was the "Ben's Chili Bowl" answer.

12/17/18 10:12 AM #7554    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Mornin, good people! Yes, and that includes you joyful Jaybirds! 

Life keeps interfering with my forum banter (much to ya'll's delight, i'm sure), but i did scan your posts this morning and was dismayed that i couldn't open any of the links on Joan's or Joanie's posts & could only open Jack's (which were blue highlighted). Am sure they all point to a totally apolitical Trump destiny of descent, however, as there are more sharks swimming in blood these days in Washington than I have ever seen! Oh, the thrill of it all! Even Mika gets to keep her job! 

Glen: with the 'Skins, just taking each game as it comes (at home and not at FedEx) and making the most of it. Some secret messagers are suggesting i consider getting behind the Ravens - NEVER!!!!  Gotta say, t'was sweet yesterday to see us take the Jags when they were considered Super Bowl material at the start of the season. That mantle usually is the kiss of death. The Caps are still keeping me beyond bouyed! Saw the father-son golf tournament, too, and got such a kick out of the big and little John Dalys, among others. After watching the 'dads' grow up, it's fascinating to see their offsprings. Wasn't it only yesterday we were surrounding these guys at the Kemper at Congressional and even later, out at Avenel? Loved those happy spring events. Ok, enough with the nostalgia, Nori.... 

And, I still have your email address and will send my chili recipe. Report back and tell me what you think. Any savory additions suggested are greatly appreciated! Did you ever make that dip with the 'lil smokies'? Lotta flavor packed in those 'lil thangs'....

12/17/18 10:43 AM #7555    


Glen Hirose


Sorry to report that we bought a box of "Cocktail Pigs-in-a-Blanket" at COSTCO. Yea, I know that's cheating, but in my defense I'll have to say they are very tasty. I'll be looking forward to trying your chili recipe. I will try the dip soon.

   Related image

Down to the last "2" games of the regular season...I need to focus on a menu.


12/17/18 12:08 PM #7556    


Jack Mallory


Fascinating aricle on the National Inquirer's efforts to boost Trump by denigrating his opponents. Now I'm trying to decide whether it’s more frightening to think some Americans were influenced by Russian propaganda efforts and/or by the sleazy tabloid. Either way, we have a POTUS elected to an unknown degree thru foreign manipulation and/or the worst of yellow journalism. Only the farthest fringes of nuttery could see the Inquirer as more responsible than even the NYT or WaPo. 


Links that aren’t highlighted (some copy as active links, some don’t, no idea why) are very simply blocked, copied, and pasted into the search bar. Works just fine.

12/17/18 02:01 PM #7557    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Nori - FYI I always check any links I post to make sure they work. I just tested all five of them again and they all worked. Maybe you noticed they come from a broad array of sources and frankly they are just stating the facts that Trump World is being investigated. If that's fake/political news then we live in a different reality. I know I've asked you this before - you DO know how to copy and paste don't you? I didn't think so. Ask you grandchildren to show you.

12/17/18 02:27 PM #7558    


Joanie Bender (Grosfeld)

Nori, I have trouble with links that are not underlined you just click on so I can see how mine could be hard to see....However I did want to say that you are talking about the sharks in the pool of blood with the implication I think that poor Trump is being attacked viciously....I just don't see how you wouldn't realize by now that he has triggered these investigations and why you wouldn't consider that maybe we are all speaking out because we care about this country and think that Trump is trampling on the Constitution..By your comments, you imply that there is no basis for our concerns or you think Trump doesn't deserve so much criticism. Aren't you wondering how he picked so many people to work for him that are helping Putin more then us..Aren't you concerned that he lies most everyday. Citiung one phrase another President said doesn't cut it, as Trump is in a lying class all his own....There was a poll recently that women are turning against Trump. I guess the base of about 30% are hard core and he could shoot someone as he said, and they would still be for him.....Love, Joanie

12/18/18 12:38 AM #7559    


Jack Mallory

Mojave sunset, west of Needles. 

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