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03/27/17 08:08 PM #3811    


Glen Hirose

Apparently Mergansers and Loons are better swimmers than flyers.  I still say that I prefer them as part of nature minus the l'orange sauce.

      Related image



03/27/17 08:32 PM #3812    


Glen Hirose

     Image result for spam a l'orange recipe 

I’m a bit less ambivalent about this creature…                  

SPAM à la Orange

  • 2 (12-ounce) cans SPAM® Lite, julienned                         

  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch

  • 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger

  • 2/3 cup orange juice

  • 1/3 cup orange marmalade

  • 1/2 pound baby-cut carrots, cooked

  • 1 green bell pepper, cut into large pieces           

  • 1 red bell pepper, cut into large pieces                                               

  • 1/4 cup toasted almonds

  • Hot, cooked rice

  • 1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms

  • 2 tablespoons butter or margarine

  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper

  • 3 tablespoons packed brown sugar

03/28/17 01:07 AM #3813    


Nora Skinker (Morton)


03/28/17 12:21 PM #3814    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

In case you're following, the first egg has begun to hatch at the eagle nest in DC. Apparently it's a 12 to 48 hour process.

03/28/17 12:51 PM #3815    


Glen Hirose


I just went to Eagle Cam DC, and found out 3 important things: (1) My Adobe Player was pre-Obama era  (2) I could not vote for a name because I'm not sure of the girl or boy thing, and (3) Unlike the Pandas we won't have to give the Eaglets back to anyone.

03/28/17 01:46 PM #3816    


Jack Mallory

Here's mom. All the action is underneath her, I guess. 

03/28/17 03:17 PM #3817    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

The word on the street is that a slight crack has appeared in one of the eagle eggs. Glen, my understanding is that the sex of the hatchlings cannot be determined without some sort of blood test and I'm guessing the chicks won't be up for that. I assume they'll give them generic names like the two last year who were called (I think) Freedom and Liberty. Eventually they'll probably run out of the patriotic names and have to go for Sally and Jim or some other regular folks names. I noticed mom/dad (they both sit on the eggs) poking around at the eggs. Maybe trying to hurry up the process. According to the live discussion, it takes A LOT of energy to poke your way out of a shell. Today from time to time, they've been zooming in really close to the eggs. So exciting!

03/28/17 03:44 PM #3818    


Jack Mallory

Been watching for weeks--like a hopeful grandparent! Eagle Cam web site says confirmed pip in progress--first sign of crack. I haven't been able to spot it; It's a pretty tiny crack, hard to see, but the camera zooms in when the eggs are exposed. 

03/28/17 03:47 PM #3819    


Stephen Hatchett

Eagles:  Lets hear a shout-out for Rachel Carson!  When we were kids, bald eagles were all but extinct in the lower 48. Pesticides like DDT built up in their bodies, and their egg shells were too weak to hold a chick for full incubation.  We owe  Rachel Carson.  I think she would surely want us to pay it forward in facing today's environmental challenges!

03/28/17 05:07 PM #3820    


Jack Mallory

Liberty and Justice are different eagles, currently nesting a couple of eaglets elsewhere in DC. Lasy year's eaglets from this nest are DC1 and DC2, current whereabouts unknown but still 3-4 years from reproductive maturity. They're the ones I posted pix of last year. 

The eaglet in the egg currently hatching should be fully hatched by tomorrow. The other egg will be about 4 days later. 

Anyone interested in following this nest, google D.C. eagle cam. 

And ditto Stephen. I don't understand how anyone could watch the eagle population recovering and not appreciate the value of continued environmental research and regulation. Same with watching pelicans come back on the west coast, or seeing the recovery of the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay.

03/28/17 07:59 PM #3821    


Jack Mallory

Ok, here we go!

03/28/17 08:58 PM #3822    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

Yes Stephen, good point about Rachel Carson. It's easy to forget how important she was. Ironic isn't it that we're watching this little eaglet hatch from a species which was once considered a goner on the exact day that DT signs another of his little executive orders stripping more of our enviornmental protections. Fortunately the first half of it will not bring back coal jobs - remember, nobody wants coal when natural gas is cheaper. The second part will be fought in the courts till long after his presidency is a distant memory. 

03/28/17 09:40 PM #3823    


Jack Mallory

Joan--how about we keep the EPA building as a "memorial." Let it sit, windows shuttered, a "closed by order of President Donald Trump" sign across the entrance, on into the future. As temperatures and sea levels rise, as storms and floods increase in frequency and severity, as species become extinct, let the world remember his presidency. 

03/29/17 07:54 AM #3824    


Jack Mallory




03/29/17 07:54 AM #3825    


Jack Mallory




03/29/17 07:54 AM #3826    


Jack Mallory




03/29/17 10:03 AM #3827    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

Take your burning love for nature & the environment & move within the private sector to raise funds for environmental causes, organize marches promoting tax credits to private companies who prioritize environmental regulations, states awareness programs to save local natural resources. Are Americans really helpless without the Fed or just totally dependent on it? 

03/29/17 10:38 AM #3828    


Glen Hirose


Haven’t been able to get a glimpse of the 1st Eaglet yet; from Jack’s image it looks like a lint ball from our dryer…It is a lint ball!  I also went to the “Name the Eaglet List” and just couldn’t find an appropriate name so I came up with “Amazon Prime” and “Under Armor” if it’s a boy.  I’m trying to get ahead of the curve here; corporations, petroleum conglomerates, multinational banking concerns, political pacs, and Papa John’s Pizza; they are becoming the relevant names.

Wonder if it’s too late to change “Lilly” to “Eli Lilly”?


03/29/17 02:51 PM #3829    


Joan Ruggles (Young)

I don't need to be lectured about giving to environmental causes. Been doing it for years and to multiple worthy organizations. But when that money has to be used to fight in court the attempts being made by this administration to pollute our air (cutting back on regulations of CO2 emissions) and our water (allowing industries free reign to pollute our rivers) and our land (allowing strip coal mining and pipelines) you have to wonder if that money wouldn't have been better spent outside the courtroom. Today's reality is, that's where my money will go. NRDC is certainly one of the strongest resisters to the Trump agenda as is the Environmental Defense Fund. 

As far as job creation goes, I understand that thousands of government employees in Washington will soon be out in the streets along with my son looking for jobs. Guess those statistics will all be offset by the thousand of jobs that will be created for coal miners. Raise your hand if you're "tired of winning". 

Meanwhile DC3 (sorry I got the names wrong) is peeping adorably and can even hold up his head!  I just wonder when they're going to feed him some of that fly-infested fish sitting there!

03/29/17 03:57 PM #3830    


Jack Mallory

I suppose we could rely completely on the private sector and local organizing to do environmental research and protect the environment. Here in Penacook, local citizens could (?) research environmental hazards, how/where they are produced, how they might be mitigated. We could write letters to the coal companies, petro-chemical corporations, agribusinesses, asking them to please stop polluting. We could even have marches. Boscawen could do the same, as could Gilmanton . . .  Go completely local, private, not have the EPA, Department of Energy, any part of the federal government involved. I'm sure Peabody, Exxon Mobil, Monsanto would be responsive. 

We could also, I suppose, do the same thing with national defense. The Penacook Militia, LLC, The Boscawen Militia, Inc, Gilmanton Town Self Defense Corporation. That would allow us to get rid of the entire US military. Ditto retirement planning--go local and private (chuck out Social Security); medical care for seniors and the poor (get rid of that damn Medicare and Medicaid); local, for-profit corporations could build roads (shitcan the costly national highway system). And all of this would allow us to get rid of most taxes. Private individuals would pay for their own defense, bear the risks of their own retirement, pay for their own medical care in old age, pay tolls for all road travel. Demonstrate our strength and independence from the Feds!

But the environment, like health and defense, is a national issue. There is no Penacook air, or Lewes water. It's American air and water. Actually, it's an international issue. The air and water in China today are in the US tomorrow. 

But the American environment is an issue for the American government--the federal government. Our government was designed "to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare  . . .".* Seems like justice, tranquility, and the general welfare might all be promoted by keeping pollutants out of our air, water, and the ground. Hell, the common defense might benefit as well, given rising sea-level (as the US Navy believes) risks to ports and naval bases. Government can provide benefits of scale in both organizing and economizing; why have thousands of communities try to negotiate a decent environment with for-profit corporations when we have a government that is intended to do just that job for all of us?

* Preamble to the Constitution

03/29/17 04:49 PM #3831    


Robert Hall

I always marvel at how well, if incredibly inefficiently, our constitutional government works. The beauty of the short terms of House of Representatives members is already being shown. The current majority members, having catered to and pandered to the fears of "Obamacare" to get elected and, while trying to kill it, have actually focused the public's interest on what the ACA has accomplished. Imperfect yes, but still a tremendous improvement on what went before and what Ryan proposed to replace it. But they have to get reelected in 2018 so now, as reported in the Washington Post today, Kansas, Virginia and North Carolina have momentum to expand their Medicaid programs under Obamacare despite refusing to do so just last year. And other diehard southern red states are wondering why they should continue to thumb their nose at our last president when their own citizens would benefit from expanded Medicaid. Certainly better than federal block grants to the states.
For everyone who values the Chesapeake Bay, please let your congressman/woman know that killing all federal funds as DT proposes is just plain ignorant. The bay and it's tributaries are finally showing improvement due to the coordinated efforts of six states under the current federal program.

03/29/17 05:59 PM #3832    


Jack Mallory

Robert comments on the suprising effectiveness of our compromise form of government. Mr. Bryant explained it to us:

The founders, originally committted to a very weak central government after their experiences with King George, found themselves forced to create something more effective.The government, under the Articles of Confederation, didn't have the power to defend the nation, put down revolts, or mediate relationships and control conflicts among the states.

Hence, the Constitution, which tried to create a government that did have such power but was still restrained in its ability to limit personal freedoms. A Goldilocks solution--not TOO much power, not TOO little power, but a JUST RIGHT amount of power. So, we have nearly 230 years of not very EFFECTIVE government, but not excessively CONTROLLING government. Guaranteed to make everybody grumpy, but is there a better way? Probably. Possible to change it? Yes. Difficult to change it? Yes. See Article V.


Glen--Mallards, or at least a couple of them, are back. I think they may be reluctant to hang out in still iced-over water; the ice has finally pretty much completely cleared on the Contoocook. Mr. Mallard doesn't seem completely happy with the river, even now:



Joan--DC 3 is eating now. I'd post a picture, but it's just about dinner time here on the east coast and the couple of fish carcasses lying around the nest are pretty gross! Flies are already buzzing. 


New Hampshire just named best state in the nation to retire in; despite being rated as 5th worst in the nation for weather! The positives must be very positive (I love it here), because we're due for 6-9 inches of snow Friday night and Saturday

But that does remind me! Nora, no need to worry. The Appalachian Mountain Club and the Sierra Club have been getting my $ for years. The Feds have been getting my tax $ for years, and one thing I want done with it is environmental protection. 

03/29/17 06:53 PM #3833    


Glen Hirose

Fly covered fish; must be an exceptional source of omega-3 fatty acids.  I'm sure Andrew Zimmern would give it a try; after all he loves maggot infested cheese.



Mr. Mallard is looking a bit forlorned; he must not have been aware of the 5th worst weather thing...

03/29/17 08:17 PM #3834    


Jack Mallory

Hope everyone has had their dinner. Here's dinner at the Eagle household. Mom feeds kid, dad feeds mom. Pick of the Potomac; or maybe Anacostia au Naturale. You can tell it's fresh; it's still flip-flopping.


03/29/17 10:29 PM #3835    


Nora Skinker (Morton)

On second thought, maybe Anger Management would be more useful. 

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