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John Freudberg

Profile Updated: February 14, 2015
Residing In:
Eszter- Deceased November 19, 2011
RETIRE!!!!!! Transmission repair industry 1980-2015
Children: Grandchildren:
Jason- Born April 12, 1971 Grandchildren: Jacob- Born 1999, Justin (Deuce)- Born 2003
Military Service:
United States Naval Reserve  

I have lived all over the country from Maryland to Ohio to Texas to Florida to New Jersey to Michigan and finally back to Florida. In the late 60's I was a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. I was in a number of on and off Broadway plays. In 1970 when I got married, it was decided (for me.. with a yes dear), to get a "real job" and leave the acting behind. So I did. I was in the garment industry for many years and now the transmission business which I will retire from in 2016. I was married for 41 years 5 months and 13 days to my best friend in life, my beautiful Eszter from Budapest. She left us in 2011 because of a myriad of mistakes all in one day by a hospital in Florida. Our son in New Jersey works for Bessemer Financial and he has 2 sons, Jacob 14 and Justin (I call him Deuce) 9. I still dabble in acting here in Florida. I was in Ali & Bad Boys 2 with Will Smith & I did a PBS special where I played a Cuban Doctor. When ever the Italians come here to make a movie, I always get cast. The must like me for some reason. I feel like Clint Eastwood when he made all those spaghetti westerns. They speak Italian.. I answer in English! I've done numerous commercials. Until last year my white hair was LONG and I looked like Santa, so I was featured in a Florida lottery Spanish Christmas commercial.

School Story:

Wow, I think the funniest thing that I never told ANYONE, was about the Mr. Baron head. Whatever the B-CC art department used to make that head, would give off fumes when it got warm. In September and the beginning of October the the sun would warm that head up so by 1/2 time of a football game, I would be so stoned that I could barely stand. Now this was in the days LONG BEFORE any of us knew ANYTHING about getting high. Before, at least in my case, any of us had even seen marijuana. I had NO IDEA what was the cause but I did know the sensation felt kind of neat. When I passed Mr. Baron on, I warned him about what to expect! BTW. Any of you that had any classes with me, let me apologize now my behavior. I was suffering from attention deficit disorder. Only problem is that in the 1950's & 1960's, no one knew what ADD was. Those that had it were disruptive in class and I'm sure it was a pain to be in a class with them. When I was in my early 20's I learned how to control and and because of that control a funny thing happened.. everything that was being taught in those classes I was disruptive in I suddenly knew. A teacher once asked me if I was learning the subject by osmosis...... I did!!!!!

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